[Finished]Let’s fly to Frankfurt @ KDEN - 061930ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Denver Colorado

Airport: *KDEN-EDDF

Time: 1300Z

Event trailer

NOTAM: *Please only come in a Lufthansa 747-8 and -400 thanks gate are scattered due to Denver not having enough heavy gates.
FPL coming soon.

Important Climb speed 249kts then M.86 FL350 VS 2500

Gate A37 @Goran12
Gate A41
Gate A45
Gate B32
GateB36 @Aviator_Airbus

More gates will be added if needed thanks.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this event as I’ll have to land in midnight

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So what time would it be good for you?

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So what time would it be good for you??

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I don’t think a time would fit as the best time for me would mean that you’ll have to start after midnight

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Oh sorry well I just opened ATC at EPWA so you can come to that.

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Yeah that’s fine…

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Ok then…

Can you put it on expert please

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No sorry because I want people how can’t go on Expert to be part of this sorry but do you want a gate?

More people have access to TS1, so people who whoa rent available to fly on expert cannot come.

Also, sadly I can’t come as we will be landing to early in the morning, considering I’ve been waking up quite late.

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When is this event, since I already have two events booked

@Goran12 You said we would move the event to today, but will we arrive before 10am PST

Can I please have a gate? Will be my first event athough I am a semi experience infinite flyer (83000 XP) Thanks :)

It’s over sorry…

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