[Finished] Let’s Fly to FAOR @ KATL - 132230ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: 🌍

Airport: KATL

Time: 0000Z (7Pm EST, 6pm CST. Subject to change.)

Join Tailwinds Flying Club for the second longest commercial flight available!

We will be using Gates F01-F08. Please note that these are the only heavy gates at KATL, so we are very limited on gates. No gates can be added.

Gate F01: @DiamondGaming4
Gate F02: @Christoff_Spies
Gate F03: @JackH
Gate F04: @Woods
Gate F05: @Goran12
Gate F06:
Gate F07:
Gate F08:

This event is hosted by
Tailwinds Flying Club!

Who We Are
We are a group of flying enthusiasts that enjoy flying together often but understand the modern day complications with School and work.


For our current pilots:


Sign me up! Callsign: Delta 200

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You have to use your assigned TFC callsign since this is an official TFC event, but I’ll sign you up! 👍

Sign me up. What time will that be on East Coast Time?
Callsign: TFC-014

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I’ll take a gate please @DiamondGaming4

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Sorry. Callsign: TFC-012

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It should be 11:00 ok east coast… I’ll double check

Can I have a gate please??

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I would join, but at this time I’ll be in a plane for 15 hours to Johannesburg from Atlanta.

Oh the irony…

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Sure thing! Check above for your assignment!

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It will be 10:00pm east coast time… I may change that.

What time willl it be for GMT??

0300 hours (Zulu is the same thing as GMT)

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Ok then I can come…

I’m considering changing it to an earlier time

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What do you mean???

Check the new time

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Perfect it will squeeze right into my time slot.

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Great! Hope to see you then!

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Oh I might not be able to come but I think i can come if don’t have to go out tomorrow.