[Finished!] Let’s Fill Up Honolulu! @ PHNL 222000ZFEB20

49 Attending!

Hello everyone and welcome to my next Flyout! My last Flyout was in Vienna and I took some suggestions this time and I got told PHNL numerous times so without further to do, let’s get into this event thread!


PHNL is in Honolulu Hawaii and what do you think of when you think of Hawaii? You think of black sand beaches, warm weather, vacation, surfing, and just fun! But you have to get there first that’s why we are having a Flyout to show people how fun this incredible vacation hub airport can be!

About PHNL:

PHNL is the biggest and busiest airport in Hawaii, it has over 19,000,000 passengers pass through it every year and almost 250,000 aircraft movements! The airport is home to 3 terminals with a wide variety of different routes from Mainland USA to the East coast, and even to Asia!

Event Details:

Time and Date: 2020-02-22T20:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: PHNL

Notams And Information:

  • In the unlikelihood we get IFATC please respect them, it’s expert after all
  • Please be respectful to all other aircraft
  • Don’t cut in line


There are several aircraft that I have included that don’t have their livery in game for these gates I have put the correct livery or replacement aircraft, thanks so much for understanding.

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 PHTO Hilo International @NoahM
02 Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 PHOG Kahului Airpprt @Will_A
03 Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 PHKO Kona International @Hogwyld
04 Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 PHJH Kapalua Airport
05 Hawaiian Airlines Q400 Generic PHNY Lanai @anon36731834
06 Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 PHLI Lihue Reserved for ALVA
07 Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 Generic NTAA Faa’a International Reserved for ALVA
08 Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 Generic NZAA Auckland International @anon41771314
09 Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 Generic NSTU Pago Pago Reserved for ALVA.
10 Hawaiian Airlines Q-400 Generic PHMK Molokai @MJP_27
11 Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 Generic KBOS Boston @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
12 Hawaiian Airlines A321 Generic KSMF Sacramento @Harry_Jiang
13 Hawaiian Airlines A321 Generic KSJC San Jose @Matt_B

Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
14 American Airlines A321-200 KLAX Los Angeles @bouncy_butter
15 Delta Airlines 757-200 KSEA Seattle @ILOVE7879-2.0
16 Southwest 737-800 KOAK Oakland @SUPPA_FROG
17 American Airlines 787-9 KDFW Dallas Fort Worth @CptCalvin437
18 Delta Airlines A330-300 KMSP @Jetcentric
19 Air New Zealand 777-300ER NZAA Auckland @NathanD
20 Southwest 737-800 KSJC San Jose @Kamryn
21 Southwest 737-800 KSMF Sacramento @Udeme_Ekpo
22 United 737-800 PTKK Chuuk @Planeboi19
23 Alaska Airlines 737-800 PANC Anchorage @Ajith_Anand
24 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KSAN San Diego @cptlogue
25 WestJet 737-800 CYVR Vancouver @Kat
26 Figi Airlines 737-800 NFFN Nadi @GlobalFlyer1
27 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KOAK Oakland @The_Real_Plane_Spott
28 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KPDX Portland @Speedyyy
29 ANA A380-800 RJAA Tokyo @anon45500775
30 China Airlines A350-900 RCTO Taipei @Erukumon
31 Air Canada 767-300 CYVR Vancouver @Torontotourscanada
32 Philippine Airlines A350-900 RCLL Manila @squraishi
33 Jetstar 787-8 YSSY Sydney @sam2875
34 Asiana Airlines 777-200ER RKSI Seoul @Dreadjack888
49 Fiji Airways 737-800 PLCH Cassidy
50 Fiji Airways 737-700 NSFA Faleolo @Islanderpilot123
51 Alaska Airlines 737-800 KSJC San Jose @Oliverrosenfield
52 Southwest 737-800 PHKO Kona @Pingu
53 Southwest 737-800 PHOG Kahului @Speedyyy
54 Southwest 737-800 PHLI Lihue @Mr_yellow
57 WestJet 737-800 CYEG Edmonton @LeonardIF18
59 WestJet 737-800 CYYC Calgary @KGJT-9149
61 Delta Airlines 757-200 KSEA Seattle @Pingu
62 United Airlines 737-800 PKMJ Marshall Islands N
63 Aero Micronesia 757-200 Generic PGUM Guam

Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
82 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHOG Kahului
84 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHOG Kahului
86 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHKO Kona
88 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHKO Kona
89 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHLU Kalaupapa @Sashaz55
90 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHJH Kapalua
91 Mokulele Airlines Cessna 208 PHMK Molokai

Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Remote 90 Japan Airlines 787-9 RJAA Tokyo @Nicholas1
Remote 91 ANA A380-800 Tokyo RJAA Tokyo @anon45500775
Remote 92 Delta Airlines A330-300 KATL Atlanta @Zach007
Remote 93 United Airlines 767-300 KEWR Newark @United2

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
UPS 01
UPS 02
UPS 03 UPS MD-11 NZWN Wellington @Cpt_Zorndy
UPS 04
UPS 05
Fedex 01 Fedex MD-11 KLAX Los Angeles @Tim_Hammer
Fedex 02 Fedex MD-11 KMEM Memphis @Flying_Hawaiian

General Aviation
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA01 GA C172 VFR @Toby172
Mike 03 Private 737-700BBJ EGLL London @Captain_Tank
Mike 02 Private 737-700BBJ KLAX Los Angeles @BadPlane
Mike 01 ExecJet A318 KSJC San Jose @KaramSodhi

Global Airtours
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Interisland Airways 01 Global Airtours CCX KSAN San Diego
FBO Interisland Airways 02 Global Airtours CCX KSEA Seattle
FBO Interisland Airways 03 Global Airtours CCX RJAA Tokyo
FBO Interisland Airways 04 Global Airtours CCX VHHH Hongkong
FBO Landmark Aviation 01 Global Airtours CCX Skycruise 2
FBO Landmark Aviation 02 Global Airtours CCX Skycruise 2
FBO Novictor Aviation Global Airtours CCX Skycruise 2
FBO Pacific Air Charter Global Airtours CCX Skycruise 2
FBO Anderson Aviation 01 Global Airtours TBM-930 Skycruise 2 @Captain_Merka
FBO Anderson Aviation 02 Global Airtours TBM-930 Skycruise 2
FBO Trainsair Global Airtours TBM-930 Skycruise 2
FBO Moore Air Inc Global Airtours TBM-930 Skycruise 2

Please note that for the Cargo and General Aviation stands you can pick your route! For Cargo there are a lot of great routes in the Wikipedia article linked below in the Resources section. There are also some incredible scenery for some VFR GA!


Websites I used to make this event:

A Flightplan maker I highly suggest:

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This event is now partnered with the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club! The IFGAC aims to bring uniqueness into Infinite Flight by being the sole International General Aviation Club! This club intends to bring pilots closer by doing what they love - flying! With no routes, pilots can fly freely and enjoy aircraft that they couldn’t explore before within other VA’s. With all of their staff intended to be all real life pilots (Of some sort), the IFGAC hopes to bring high professionalism into this VA Community, and they do!

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Instead of LAX can I get a Hawaiian/Generic A330 to KBOS longest Domestic Flight in the US


Sure! I’ll sign you up!


Can I have gate 02 to PHOG? Thanks!


Is it ok if I could fly PHNL-NZAA please?


Hey man
Please correct it for 152000ZFEB20*


Terminal 1 gate 3 please to PHKO/Kona


Remote 93 United Airlines 767-300 KEWR Newark
This gate please also add the 777-200 United flight to Denver (If you add that sign me up for it)


Terminal 2 gate 15 pleas

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@Will_A Great choice! I’ll sign you up!

@NathanD I have that route already, I’ll sign you up!

@Thiago_Silva I keep thinking it’s 2019. 🤦‍♂️

@Hogwyld thanks for coming!

@United2 I tried to fit that one in but because of gate restrictions I couldn’t sorry. 😬

@ILOVE7879-2.0 Great choice!

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This event is now Partnered with Aloha Virtual!

Could I pretty please get the WestJet to Vancouver, Gate 25. Thank you!

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My I get Remote 90 Japan Airlines 787-9 RJAA Tokyo

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I’ll take a Fiji Airways 737 to Nadi! For now, keep the destination as Nadi, but I might go to Kiritimati instead as the flight sometimes stops there but sometimes it doesn’t.

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@Kat @GlobalFlyer1 @Nicholas1 you guys are all signed up!

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Things may change from now for me because of Basketball games, etc… but for now can I take the short 717 hop to Hilo?

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@NoahM of course!

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Thank you so much to Plane & Pilot for joining in!

Could I get get gate 22 as a Delta A330 to MSP?

I can give you gate 18, thanks for coming!