[FINISHED] KSWF Flyout (Sponsored by Norwegian Virtual ) 2 GATES left (17 attending) @ KSWF - 252100ZMAY19




Time:2100Z (PM me for conversion to your time zone)

Notam:This is my first event so tell me if I did anything wrong,more info will come closer to the event.

Gate 1 Norwegian 737-800 to Dublin: @Callum_King1
Gate 2 Norwegian 737-800 to Shannon: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Gate 3 Norwegian 737-800 to Bergen: @MJL
Gate 4 American eagle CRJ 200 to Philadelphia;
Gate 5 Allegiant A320 to Orlando: @JeromeJ
Gate 6 Allegiant A320 to Punta Gorda: @Rhett
Gate 7Jetblue E190 to Fort Lauderdale: @Hurley_H
Ang A1 Norwegian 787-9to Bergen: @Pilot_Dan1
Ang A2 Norwegian 737-800 to Shannon: @Pilot_Waters
Ang A3 Norwegian 787-9 to Bergen:
Ang A4 Norwegian 787-9 to Dublin: @anon82246052

Gate 1 UPS:
Gate 2 UPS: @jovictasor to KSDF
Gate 3 UPS: @JK_330
Gate 4: @vangeti_nikhil to EGLL
Gate 5 Fedex: @ouzi MD 11F to KMEN
Gate 6: @Sashaz55 to Watching departures

General aviation
GA 1
GA 2
GA 3 @anon23647801 KFRG

Hey thanks for taking the time to view my event if you have any questions please just PM me if you would like to sponsor PM me thanks!


I want to thank Norwegian virtual for sponsoring this event.


I’ll take GA1 in a C208 to KTEB, thank you!

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Your signed up thanks! @Dylan_M

I’ll take gate 1 to Dublin

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But can you maybe change the server to expert

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@Matthew_20204 your signed up ok I will change to expert server

13 gates left get your spots!

GATE 2 FOR ME PLEASE! I’ll fly the Norwegian into Shannon Airport.

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You’re signed up @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

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That leaves 12 gates remaining

I’ll take the same route and aircraft as Dylan

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Ok your signed up @JacksonAviation

Ca you change the destinations??? I might try Alleigant to Orlando

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Sure @anon45500775

I changed it do you want the gate @anon45500775

Yes I will

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See you soon

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See you at the event!

That leaves 9 gates sign up while you can

Ill take gate 6

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