[FINISHED] Kansas C172s - Saturday Night Patterns @ KICT - 022100ZJUN18

Hey everyone! For those that weren’t at the last SNP, here’s the info. Every Saturday night, someone (could be more than one person) from my group, the ATCEG, will control the airport, while the rest do touch-and-goes.

Last week, we were at KCVG. This week, we head over to Kansas for patterns! KICT has one runway, and is located in the USA. Hope to see you there!

Server: Training

Region: Kansas, USA

Airport: KICT

Time: June 2nd, 2018, 2100Z

NOTAM: ATC will be open from 2100Z to 2200Z. Feel free to stop by and do some touch-and-goes. Please only use the Cessna C172.


  1. @Trio
  2. @Kate_Russell
  3. @Cbro4 (TBD)
  4. @lucaviness
  5. @Ryan_Vidad (ATC)
  6. @Trevor_A (ATC)

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TWR: @Trevor_A
GND: @Ryan_Vidad
Not Assigned: @lucaviness

You must be an ATCEG member to control Tower and Ground.

Join the ATCEG: http://atcegif.weebly.com/contact.html

This post will be updated.


We are open!

You can join in at whatever time you would like, we will be open for 1 hour.

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Technical difficulties, we’ll be back up in a second. :)

Edit: And we’re back.

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Thanks for the photo op @PlaneCrazy. Lol

Great SNP all around, thanks to everyone who attended! Nice job @Ryan_Vidad (Ground), @Trevor_A (Tower), and @Infinite_Flyer (Tower and Ground).


That was fun, thanks for hosting it!