[FINISHED] Kai-Tak: The Ultimate Landing Competition @ VHHX/VHXX 101500ZAUG19 - Fly In if You Dare!

Kai-Tak: The Ultimate Landing Competition: Fly in if You Dare!

Server: Expert

Airport: VHHX/VHXX

Time: 1500Z 2019-08-10T15:00:00Z


  • Landing Runway 13 ONLY
  • Aircraft must be of realistic size for the airport (747-200;747-400;777-300ER; etc.)
  • Respect Unicom
  • Leave any negativity on the Casual Server; we are here to have fun and test our skills.

The judge that judges the world famous base turn will grade based on sharpness, bank angle, speed, swiftness, and other factors.
The judge that judges the short final segment will grade based on the flare of the aircraft, landing speed, flaps and spoilers, smoothness of the landing, and overall presentation of the landing.

Base Turn Segment:
Short Final Segment:

When you sign up, please state your callsign, your aircraft, your livery, and your origin airport.
1500z timeslot:
1505z timeslot: @AarkonTV
1510z timeslot: @Kian_Abbasi - Infinite Flight A318 - G-TSDC
1515z timeslot: @IFliPlanes - British Airways A320 - LAYS
1520z timeslot: @RyanR - Generic A318
1525z timeslot: @Altaria55 - Cathay Pacific B747-400 - PLEN
1530z timeslot: @AlphaSeven - Korean Air 777-200ER
1535z timeslot: @PilotTom25 - China Airlines 777-300ER
1545z timeslot: @Andrey_Wing - Air Bridge Cargo 747-8
More spots will be added as needed.

Take the approach…if you dare! (Source: South China Morning Post)

This turn does not forgive unprepared souls… (Source: The Points Guy)
This airport might look peaceful, but don’t be fooled; it’s among the most dangerous in the world! (Source: Hong Kong Free Press)

Are you ready? It’s going to be a wild ride, so sign up and take the approach…if you dare.

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I gotta tell you now: people will likely not sign up for this until much nearer the time when they know what they are doing.

Great event - but published probably too early to gain much interest

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I know…I suck at organizing events.

No you don’t! This is an amazing event.

In fact, I’ll take the first gate! I’ll fly the smallest aircraft we can though. Thanks!


Wait till you see the responses when you organize an event ‘much nearer the time’.

@Gtmkm98 looks like great event to me! 🌷


I’m very sorry, but after some consideration, I am going to cancel this event.

Just change the date mate! Make it a little sooner (within the next month or two) and I guarantee you’ll have a great turnout! (Including me) @Gtmkm98


There we go!

What is your callsign?

I’ll join with a Cathay 747

Callsign: BBQ

I’m in! I’ll grab the infinite flight livery 318, callsign G-TSDC!

Don’t know it yet :)

And I’ll switch to the A319 since I didn’t realize we could fly it!

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Which livery?

Most likely Generic :)

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Ill take any time

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What are you flying?

I’ll fly the A318

I’ll take timeslot 1515z and I’ll come with a British Airways Airbus A320

Callsign: Lays

I might join

Hey, it’s on a Saturday; I just want to make sure you know. No bad intentions.