[Finished] Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Journey Through New Zealand Vol.2 NZQN 152200ZSEP19

@David_Mullen Not many people have come feel free to attend if you would like.

Thanks. On my way.

Spawn in and move away from your gate so more people can spawn in

Wait what this is one day ahead for my ZULU time. This is my 11pm tomorrow. So it’s starting now???

Wait for meehhhh…

Edit: Actually don’t. I’m grade 2 until tomorrow, I thought I would be able to attend. See you another event 😂😫

It’s fine mate! This is a weekly series and I’ve got some thing very special for next weeks event, hope to see you there! :)


Keep this in mind

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You disappeared for a while


Gosh dang it! I get back onto the Expert Server the day after!

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A few pics –

Looking back toward QN on the ascent

At the turn north near the west coast


I enjoyed the ride folks. Thanks everyone!

Thanks, everyone for coming! Keep an eye out for Vol. 3!

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