(Finished) IFAE meets Community @KLAX || Fly In Event @ KLAX - 022000ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Region: Global/ SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: IFAE meets Community at KLAX

IFAE meets IFC and IFFG for a Fly in Event at KLAX. Take your Favourite Airline and Aircraft and meet us all at KLAX. The Goal is to be at Los Angeles around 2000z.
as KLAX is Part of the actual Expert ATC Region, keep in Mind that you probably have Active ATC. Follow all Instructions, or on Unicom adjust Speed and Space for a good Approach Line up.

Time: 2000z
Server: Expert
Region: Global
Airport: KLAX Los Angeles Intl.
Route: From Pilots Choice to KLAX
Aircraft/Livery: Pilots Choice
Altitude: Pilots Choice
Speeds: Pilots Choice, do not overspeed to avoid getting Violations

Make sure to snap some Pictures

For any Questions PM me directly

Silu Ott/ IFAE RVP


Looking forward to this!


On my way! Looking forward to seeing you all in LAX.

thanks to all who went into LAX tonight, was a Pleasure to fill the Terminal :) thanks for great ATC Services as always, @Henrik_E


No wonder I saw a ton of people at LAX earlier…


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