(Finished!) Huge Paro landing challenge! @VNKT 05APR1400Z20

Yay! Thank You!

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You know what put me down for the challenge I want to try to land

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Haha sure. Callsign?

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Just do N127MP

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For anyone wondering, this is the approach we’ll be doing! Get ready ;)


feels the nervousness going through my body

Wow that’s crazy


I’m in! Callsign RT6907


You’re signed up! See you there!

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I’ll jump back into the scene for this one; I’m coming! AL157FD will be my callsign! I’m gonna take the risk. Wish me luck…

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Awesome, thanks for signing up! See you there.

Only 1 gate remaining everyone!

I will not be adding additional gates because Paro cannot hold so many aircraft

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Sign me up for last gate

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Awesome, thanks for coming! Callsign please?

The event is FULL everyone! Signups are closed

Hey everyone, sorry for this bump, however I need your opinions.

I’ve had some people come to me asking if they could join, however the event Is full, and due to the lack of adequate space at Paro, there is no way to have so many people join.

Do you think that having 2 waves of flights would be good?

  • Yes
  • No

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The First wave (current) would be at 1400Z, and the next wave would be at 1500Z.

Can I pls have a gate @AlphaSeven

Of course. Please give me a moment to sort Wave 2. Are you alright with 1500Z?

Ok everyone, Thera are now 2 WAVES. Only Wave 2 is left.

@THEREALBKG you’ve been signed up. Callsign please?

Absolutely @AlphaSeven

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Thanks a lot

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No worries. Can you please tell me your callsign?