(Finished!) Huge Paro landing challenge! @VNKT 05APR1400Z20

Paro Landing Challenge! || 05 APR 20


Welcome to the Paro Landing Competition! Where the bravest, most experienced pilots are tested to their limits. With rough and tough terrain all around the airfield, and it being in the glorious Himalayas, it proposes not only a challenge, but fun too. Join if you dare!

Paro is the only international airport in Bhutan, located in a deep valley. It is the world’s most difficult airport to land at, due to the steep banks needed to line up with the runway, just moments before touchdown. There are only a handful of profesionaly-trained pilots who are allowed to land at Paro/ Paro serves only 2 airlines; Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. It serves a range of short-haul aircraft from the ATR all the way to the Airbus A320. Its runway is a mere 6645 feet long, so you better get those wheels on the marks or else you’re gonna have a difficult time stopping!

How it’s going to work

There are 2 waves. The first wave will all takeoff at 1400Z. The second wave will take off at 1500ZWe’ll takeoff from VNKT- Kathmandu and follow (& copy) the flight plan I make. We will be arriving on the more challenging side of Runway 15 using the approach chart, where you have to make a steep bank just over a ridge, seconds before touchdown. (Approach shown on banner above) We’ll have spectators examining the best landing!

The rules and flight information

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: Batik Airbus A320

Spawn time at VNKT for Wave 1: 2020-04-05T14:00:00Z
Spawn time at VNKT for Wave 2: 2020-04-05T15:00:00Z

Approx. Flight time: 1:05 hours
Speed and altitude: M.078 @ FL300

Route: VNKT (Kathmandu) ✈︎ VQPR (Paro)

Approach chart:

Additional picture for your final approach


Airfield Map

NOTAM: Since this event is being held on the EXPERT server, it is expected that you act professionally at all times. Please be mindful of others and maintain a separation of At least 5 nm. Be aware that because of the airport’s high elevation, you’ll need to be cautious about your speed and altitude. I am not responsible for any violations you may gain.


Gates WAVE 1 @1400Z
Gate Attendee Callsign
Domestic 01 @BravoCharlie JAT001
Domestic 02 @John19 BTK023
Domestic 03 @Vinne NVV-01
Domestic 04 @CPT_Colorado BTK1825
Domestic 05 @AviatorAlex BPF1BG
Domestic 06 @ykaviation AF04
Domestic 08 @Hussein_Zreik AMAZING
Domestic 09 @MJP_27 N127MP
Domestic 10 @146Flyer A5-RGG
Domestic 11 @Gtmkm98 AL157FD
Domestic 12 @Sierra_Golf IFW9036
Photographer @ VQPR @Helmethead
Gates WAVE 2 @1500Z
Gate Attendee Callsign
Gate 01 @BlueKingGaming AIVA 058
Gate 02 @Captain_Tank KFC001
Gate 03 @Komar1712
Gate 04 @niks.goen N2992G
Gate 05 @shatti KAC013
Gate 06 @Omar_Alqinneh OM-AR
Gate 07 @JarrettFlies TN9915
Gate 09 @Kyan_perry
Domestic 01 @United2 NAZ32

So, are you up for the challenge? Let me know what gate you’re wanting along with your callsign and I’ll sign you up!

See you there folks!


I’m in! Hopefully I don’t crash


Great! Thanks for signing up. You have Domestic 02, see you there!

(Callsign please)

I would, but that’s at 2am 6th April here in New Zealand and I’ll be fast asleep XD

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I’m not sure what call sign Batik Air uses

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Ahh, sorry mate! Hopefully you’ll join us next time!

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Doesn’t need to be Batik, any callsign of your choice :)

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BTK023, is practice allowed?

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Of course it is. Better to be experienced with the approach then crash ;)

You’re all set. Thanks for coming!

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I like a challenge! I’d like Domestic 4 please, callsign BPF1BG :)

BP stands for Balkan Pilot btw

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Count me in, gotta love that Paro approach. Domestic gate 3 for me please - I’ll use the callsign NVV-1.

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Thanks for signing up Vinne! You’ve got your gate, see ya there!


im joining! Callsign AF04

Domestic 5 for me please


Can I please have the domestic 6 gate. BTK1825

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I’ll be there! N186SZ!


@Sashaz55, @CPT_Colorado, @ykaviation, @AviatorAlex you’ve all been signed up! Thanks for coming, much appreciated!

I have added a few more gates!

@Sashaz55 I have moved you to Domestic 8 because Domestic 7 cannot handle an A320.


Hey everyone, @Helmethead has kindly volunteered to be the photographer of the event! He will be taking some nice pictures of us landing.


A tip for practicing: Don’t spawn in on Solo on final for the runway, as you’ll end up spawning in the mountain.


Can I be a judge?

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This isn’t a competition, but you can spectate and tell us who landed the best! I’ll give you a special gate along side Helmethead.

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