[Finished] Huge Fort Lauderdale Flyout @KFLL - 101800ZFEB19 (Sponsored by United VA, Southwest VA)


They fly to KMIA


That would be corporate then :) The real Delta Airlines does not make a stop in Miami. Would you like to be at the FBO section then in a CCX? Remember we are trying to keep this as realistic as possible :)


Yes, good idea!


Gotcha welcome aboard bud. :)


Thanks! I take the CCX


Roger that!


I want to take gate A03 to HAV. (Callsign SWA429). Thank you.


Gotcha welcome aboard. :)


I’ll take gate C07 KFLL to KCVG Allegiant Air


Welcome aboard sir.:)


Could I take any UA gate to EWR or CLE?


Do you still want that Gate boss?


All the UA gates have been filled up! :/ But the other ones are empty :)


No Sir, I found out that I won’t be able to attend on Sunday this week. I hope you all a have fun and I wish you all a safe flight :)


Gotcha Capt. Thx for everything see you in future events :)


Hope to participate in the future :)


Can I take B04 to KLGA?


Yes sir you can welcome aboard bro! :)


T3 F03 JetBlue A321 I want to change to STI


Gotcha Capt welcome aboard! :)