[Finished] Huge Fort Lauderdale Flyout @KFLL - 101800ZFEB19 (Sponsored by United VA, Southwest VA)


Would have been nice to have you man :)


Gate B2 is yours sir. Welcome :)


C04 it is sir. Welcome aboard


I need some pilots to fly to the Caribbean with me, Terminal 1 is lonely haha

Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2

Haha Im heading to SJU so we will be on somewhat of a similar route :D


Hopefully we can get some ATC since I believe Sunday is ATC choice


It’ll be fun regardless! And the hop down to MBJ isn’t far, so if I fly the Caribbean alone it’s cool haha.

Looks like the event is going to be a blast



Thanks in advance! ;)


@zand3r Haha you got that right. It should’nt be too long for you like you said. But although for me it will be a good hour and 50 minutes :) And yes indeed it will be a great event.


Roger Capt. Welcome aboard. :)


Nice to see the United Gates filled up :)


I will gate B01 but to KRDU instead please SWA1799


Got it welcome aboard! )


I would like a gate to San Francisco with the United 739! I will decide my callsign later…


Roger! Welcome aboard :)


I will take this please :)


Gotcha welcome aboard sir. :)


Thank you!


Can I get Gate D01? I will fly with Delta to KMIA.


MIA? I dont think Delta flies to MIA from FLL ;)