[Finished] Huge Fort Lauderdale Flyout @KFLL - 101800ZFEB19 (Sponsored by United VA, Southwest VA)

Fort Lauderdale Flyout

About this event: Fort Lauderdale is located in Southern Florida a couple miles away from the busy Miami International. Fort Lauderdale is a very underrated airport due to the nearby MIA. But alot of airliners still fly into FLL. FLL was in the Top 50 busiest airports in 2018 and continues to grow every year as more traffic continues to flow in. So lets have so fun and give Fort Lauderdale the attention it deserves!

This is a flyout event! This means you will not haved established route, Instead choose gate with pre-selected route. If you wish to change destination, please ask me!

Event Information

Server: Expert

Airport: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl Airport (FLL)

Date & Time: 2019-02-10T18:00:00Z

Please Note

  • Please spawn at your assigned Gate 15 Minutes prior to the event starting for screenshots!

  • Please be respectful of the Unicom. We do not want trolls ruining the event for others.

  • Do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. Please wait till he has cleared behind you.

  • You are responsible for your flight plan and fuel. You can always use #tutorials as reference and guidance for tips or use fpltoif.com

  • Please be patient and do not act immature and ruin the event for other. Please act professional and realistic. Pilots may use SID and STARS. Find them on skyvectors.com

  • Runways will be announced the day of the event based on real life.

Commercial Gates

Terminal 1

Concourse A

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
A03 @Bacsek_Balint Southwest HAV B738
A04 @zand3r Southwest MBJ B737
A05 Southwest AUA B738
A06 Southwest PUJ B737
A07 @Tnel Southwest NAS B737

Concourse B

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
B01A @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 Southwest RDU B737
B02 @JeromeJ Southwest DCA B737
B02A @Joseph007 Southwest MCO B737
B04 @757Fan Southwest LGA B738
B05 @Cargo Southwest BWI B737
B06 @Kevinsoto1502 Southwest SJU B738
B07 @GlobalFlyer1 Southwest LAS B738
B08 Southwest PHX B738
B09 @Luke_sta Southwest DEN B737

Concourse C

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
C01 @planes4life United EWR B738
C02 @harmyd United ORD B738
C03 @Patrick_Gallagher United IAD B738
C04 @Ian_Mckillop United SFO B739
C05 Allegiant SDF A320
C06 WestJet YYZ B738
C07 Allegiant CVG A320
C08 Copa PTY B738
C09 Alaska LAX A320
Terminal 2

Concourse D

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
D01 Delta MSP B739
D02 Delta ATL B757
D03 Delta JFK A320
D04 Air Canada YUL B767
D05 Air Canada YYZ B767
D06 @joslleymiguel_holand Air Canada YOW A321
D07 Delta DTW A321
D08 Delta BOS A320
D09 Delta CVG A321
Terminal 3

Concourse E

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
E01 @FrankieFremont Norwegian CDG B789
E02 JetBlue DCA E190
E03 JetBlue AUS A320
E04 JetBlue BOS A321
E05 JetBlue LGA A320
E06 JetBlue SJU A321
E07 American DFW B738
E08 American PHL A320
E09 American CLT A321
E10 Norwegian OSL B789

Concourse F

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
F01 JetBlue LAX A321
F02 JetBlue LGB A320
F03 @Hendry_Jose_Torres_C JetBlue STI A321
F04 JetBlue PVD A320
F05 JetBlue MEX A320
F06 JetBlue ALB A320
F07 JetBlue CLE A320
F08 JetBlue HAV A320
F09 Spirit BDL A320
F10 JetBlue EWR A320
Terminal 4

Concourse G

Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
G01 Frontier TTN A321
G02 Frontier ISP A321
G03 Spirit BWI A321
G04 Spirit MYR A320
G05 Spirit GSO A320
G06 @FuZion_Sami Spirit LAS A320
G10 Caribbean KIN B738
G11 British LGW B772
G12 Emirates DXB B77L
G13 Avianca BOG A319
FedEx Cargo
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
Ramp 01 FedEx MCO MD-11F
Ramp 02 FedEx Feeder EYW C208
Ramp 03 FedEx EWR MD-11F
Ramp 04 FedEx MEM MD-11F
Ramp 05 FedEx ATL MD-11F
Ramp 06 FedEx IND MD-11F
UPS Cargo
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
UPS Ramp 01 SDF MD-11F
Signature FBO
Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
FBO Signature Flight Support 01 XOJET TEB CCX
FBO Signature Flight Support 02 @infiniteflight_schoo Coorporate Delta MIA CCX
FBO Signature Flight Support 03 Private CUN TBM-930
FBO Signature Flight Support 04 Private FPO TBM-930

If you have any questions about the event please feel free to pm me! Hope you all enjoy…

This event is sponsored by:

United VA

United Virtual | Celebrating One Year!

Southwest VA

We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Aloha Hawaii.

I was given permission to use this format from @VAnuj


I’ll take this, thanks bud!

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Roger that Capt. Welcome aboard! :)

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Southwest 583 (:

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Gotcha. Welcome aboard sir. :)

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Thanks! Excited (:

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Same here! :D Going to be a great event!

I will take B9 please :)

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You got it boss! :) Welcome aboard

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Sign me up for Gate C02!


Got it. Welcome aboard boss! :)

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I’ll take C03, as UVA-060!


Gotcha. Welcome aboard Capt. :)

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can i heve this gate please

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I’ll take E01 to CDG

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Yes you can welcome aboard! :)

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Sure thing. Welcome aboard sir :)

Can I have B2 737-700 to KDCA?

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I’ll take C04 UVA-147


Wish I could make it! It will be awesome!!

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