(FINISHED) Hong Kong: Universal Metropolitan - An AIVA Event @ VABB - 250800ZAPR20



Hong Kong; Expensive hotels, the coast, skyscrapers and casinos are probably enough to describe a modern day metropolis. Since 18th century it has been a hub for all Chinese merchants and the accessibility via land, sea and air has made it a popular hotspot and enough to classify the city as a Mega hub in the the Gigantic continent of Asia!

With Mumbai probably the biggest city in the country of India, flying to Hong Kong from Mumbai is like a match made in heaven! So we have decided upon a event from the Beautiful Coastal city of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea to the mesmerising City of Hong Kong. Come join us and let’s be a part of this fest together.

event details
Route: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (VABB) - Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)

Aircraft: B747-400 ; B777-200LR ; B787-8

Flight time: 6:00hrs

Date & Time: 2020-04-25T08:00:00Z2020-04-25T14:00:00Z

You can choose between the 744, 77L or 788 to fly for the event. Just let us know the aircraft, appropriate gate and callsign.

Departure Gates:

Gate Callsign Name
V32 AIVA057 @Bill_Jones
V30 AI057 @Udeme_Ekpo
V29 AIVA090 @Sierra_Golf
V27 AIVA032 @Noodle_Duck
V26 AIVA007 @Krsh7
V25 AIVA021 @AKSHAY_2777
V24 AIVA029 @Aashish_Mohammed
V23 AIVA049 @Gopisreekanth_Chukka
V17 AIVA006 @BP-Aviation
V16 AIVA009 @PocketRishi
V15 AIVA050 @Captain_Sid
V14 IFGA-75 @Anshul28
V13 TGV1002 @Thai951
Gate Callsign Name
V22 AIVA004 @Soham_Sarkar
V20 AIVA064 @Kingorino
V19 AIVA066 @Deval_Surana
V18 HS1217 @Harish_P_Selkey
Stand R01 AIVA001 @indraniel
Stand R02 AIVA061 @Capt_D
Gate Callsign Name
V12 AIVA058 @BlueKingGaming
V11 AIVA052 @Sartaj_S
V10 AIVA003 @Alan_S
V09 Air India 24 @Louis
V08 AIVA031 @Aryan_Sharma
V07 AIVA026 @Bumblebee
V06 AIVA086 @Anajeet
V05 AIVA042 @Binesh_Ashokan
V04 AIVA024 @Manav_Suri
Cargo G03 Air India 102 Heavy @Varshit_Agrawal
Cargo G04 Air India 409 @shanki_paul
Cargo G05 AIVA028 @Siddhansh
Cargo S03 AIVA002 @Rohan625
Cargo S01 ANY0528 @Karin_Wong
Cargo S02R VR0523V @Varunsehdev
Stand K03 N457NC @rnagpal89
Stand K04 TGV1020 @Mike_Lima_Tango
Stand K05 TGV Reserved
Stand K06 TGV Reserved

Arrival gates will be provided closer to the event.
More gates will be added if needed.



Speed : 0.84Mach

Server = Expert

Planned Runway for takeoff = 27

Planned Runway for landing = TBA

Multiplier for AIVA Pilots: 2X

More details

Climb Profile

1,000ft - 10,000ft = vs +2500 | 240kt

10,000ft - 28,000ft = vs +1800 | 310

28000ft - 3X,000ft = vs + 1500 | 0.84M

Maintain 2500ft until established on the localizer

Start to descent at around 150nm from destination

Maintain atleast 10nm separation between each other at all times


  • Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport ( Mumbai - VABB ) has a bunch of destinations all across the globe. So we at Air India have taken special care and brought out for you pilots a very pleasing and interesting route.

  • All IFC pilots are invited to join this event. Please leave a message to join and our editors will add you.

  • Please make sure that all the pilots are present at their allocated gate at least 15-20 mins prior departure.

  • Pushback is not allowed at the same time during the event, please pushback only one after another.

  • Please follow IFATC instructions if present to avoid unnecessary ghosting. In case of absence of IFATC please ensure proper use of UNICOM.

  • This event is a very special event for all of us at Air India virtual and we would really appreciate it if all you pilots would take the time to join us.

Will be shared closer to the event date.


At Air India Virtual we aim to to provide the best Indian hospitality and experience above the skies of India. Going back to date, this VA was founded in late December '18 by our former CEO @Prasoon_S and the airline has been going strong for 1.5 years. Experience of our pilots ranges from IFATC to IFAET to Content Creators. We are a well rounded VA with many experienced and mature members. We would love to have you on-board and expand our airline.

With more than 1500 routes, 70+ pilots, a wide range of aircraft, 20+ codeshares, what else do you need to be enticed to join? We have all kinds of pilots from all around the world, ultra long haulers to short haulers. At AIVA, you will experience the real flavors and colors of India.

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Can I have a 744 gate
My call sign is AIVA057

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I will take b788 gate
Call sign AIVA010

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I will take a b744 gate callsign AIVA069.

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Can i get v22 gate,AIVA004

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Can you please sign me up for gate v23, call sign is AIVA049

Would come but it is at 3 am for me

Hey guys. I am from india and i spent my childhood there. Have flown the delhi leg of the route countless times! Brings back so many memories. Sign me up with a 788 gate. Callsign AIVA 058

Can I please have gate V23 B747-400?
My call sign will be AI057

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Sign me up for B747 gate
Callsign: AIVA090

Do u have a specific aircraft ?

as i requested for gate v23 its listed under B744, so i would like to get this aircraft please, hope this help answer your question

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You all have been signed up for B747 Gates!






You have been signed up for B788 Gate!


You have been signed up for B77L Gate!


Gates remaining Aircraft
5 B744
9 B77L
9 B788

Aiva032 B747 I need a gate thank you

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Gate V28 B744 AIVA070

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i will take this one, thanks.

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AIVA052 // Gate V11 // B788 // Sartaj

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AIVA007 requesting a B744 gate please.

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You all have been signed up for B747 Gates!




You have been signed up for B788 Gates!



You have been signed up for B77L Gate!


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