[FINISHED] Highlight a Tutorial - Flight Following @ KTEB - 081900ZAPR18

Server: Expert

Region: Northeast US

Airport: KTEB

Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk, SR22, 208 Caravan or the Cessna Citation X

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We always are looking for ways to create opportunities for learning and feedback, so we have created the “Highlight a Tutorial” series. At each event we will highlight one tutorial, you will read/watch the tutorial, then as a group we will try out what we learned. After we land you can ask the IFATC controllers that were on service for any feedback, I’m sure they would be happy to help you.

For this event we will be covering how to contact Approach requesting Flight Following. We will be flying from KTEB to KPHL. When contacting approach you are only allowed to request Flight Following, but follow all ATC instructions.

Due to the fact that you can only request Flight Following when you have a general aviation callsign we will only be flying general aviation aircraft (GA).

GA 1: @Cbro4 - Cessna Citation X
GA 2: @MrAlaska - SR22
GA 3: @ItzEhs - SR22
GA 4: @Ryan_Vidad - Cessna Citation X
GA 5: @Trio - SR22
GA 6:
GA 7:

Copy an ATCEG member’s flight plan prior to departure.

I have planned this event around the IFATC schedule. Thank you to Mark Denton and @Brandon_Sandstrom for those amazing #tutorials. I hope you enjoy this!


I forgot to add one thing.

When contacting approach you are only allowed to request Flight Following, but follow all ATC instructions otherwise.


I’ll take a gate in the C750, please.

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Perfect! I’ll put you down.

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Can get a gate at GA 3 (SR22)

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Yes you can have Gate 3. :)

I’ll come, Cessna Citation with gate 4

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Awesome! I’ll add you.


Event is tomorrow!


Spawn in at KTEB in 10mins. Flight will be 30 minutes long.

We were spotted… 👀


I didn’t see @angrybird?
Isn’t he with you guys today?

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I think he couldn’t make it today. Forgot to take him off the list.

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We were attempting the SPUDS FOUR (RNAV) arrival. It worked out. 😎


Amazing flight with @Cbro4, @Trio, @ItzEhs, and @Ryan_Vidad!




Look out for our next “Highlight a Tutorial” event because we will be doing another one! This one was awesome, my new favorite event.

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Something unexpected came up. I feel sorry that I missed the event. I believe you had great fun.

I llove your picture @MrAlaska


Haha thanks. Much appreciated 🙂

Ton of fun, sorry you missed it. 🙂