[Finished] Goran’s Birthday Flight @ EGKK - 201200ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: ”Cake’s mhhh, wait what am I talking about?”

Airport: EGKK - LOWI

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: *Please be respectful to others and fly responsibly. Only come in a BA A319 or EasyJet A320 and 19 from EGKK. I’m doing this event today because I’m going out tomorrow.

Flight info


Take off speed 248 VS 2000 FL300 M0.85


Copy from me

Gate 130 @Goran12 Easy Jet A320
Gate 131 @jdag2004 easyJet A320
Gate 132 @Jet_Airways_995 easy jet A320
Gate 133 @A_Plane_Guy BA A319
Gate 134 @callum5124 BA A319
Gate 135 @ThomasR EasyJet A319
Gate 136
Gate 140
Gate 141
Gate 142

More gates will be added if necessary

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Wish i could come to celebrate your B-Day but thats 4am for me.


Sure that’s totally fine with me 😀 I understand we have lives away from IF.

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Happy Birthday Goran! I hope you enjoy your day, spend time woth your friends and family.


Bit of last minute event planning eh? Anyway, happy birthday my dude! Wish I could come for this scenic flight but like Danny said, that’s early morning for us Americans.

Thanks mate…

Yeah I know I nevery knew that today I would have to do something so I had spare time.

Oh! And Uh Happy Birthday!

Hey, thanks Danny .😊😊😊😊

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And I ran outta likes 😮😮

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Woops and I forgot to say this will be going live on to YouTube.

Il come hopefully i don’t over sleep i will be using an easy jet a320

Happy birthday Goran

Count me in, I’ll be there in an Easyjet 320.

Sure gate 131 is yours.

Shall I just add a gate just in case??

Thanks I will put you down just in case alright.

Looks like I will be able to join, please sign me in.

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Sure easyJet or BA???

I’d prefer the easy jet A320.

Sure gate 132 is yours.