(FINISHED) GA Mountain Air Flyout in North Carolina! @ 2NC0 291900ZMAR20

                              2NC0 (Mountain Air)

Some of you guys have probably never heard of this gem in the US. But trust me this airport has surprises at every corner. This is one airport you do not want to overrun at. 2NC0 Consists of 14 GA ramps that can handle anything from a XCUB all the way up to a citation! Because of the airports location next to a hill, backtracking is a bit glitchy. Here are the planes allowed.

Cessna 172

Cessna 172
Old reliable, as pilots call it. The 172 is one of the most popular and easy aircraft to fly. This aircraft is easy for beginners and in my opinion the least glitchy aircraft when backtracking at this airport.


A bit less advanced as the newly reworked Cessna 172 but this aircraft still packs a punch. Much faster than the 172 its a bit harder to fly. But most pilots do enjoy the SR22 and it would be a great choice for this event.


The XCUB, a modern taildragger most pilots love to camp in the aircraft and I can defiantly see why. This little aircraft is built to take a beating it can land pretty much everywhere. But the range does hurt a bit but most pilots look past when using this aircraft.

TBM 930

TBM 930
The largest aircraft in this event this aircrafts range and seating is rather luxurious this is basically a propeller private jet.

Wave one: 2020-03-29T18:00:00Z
Wave two: 2020-03-29T19:00:00Z
Sever: Expert Server

       Wave 1 Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA1 TBM9 KAUS @snoman
GA2 C172 KCDK @Aceorbit
GA3 C172 KMTP @Sashaz55
GA4 TBM9 KCHO @NathanD
GA5 C172 KGEV @Everything_Matthew
GA7 C172 KTRI @Ryan_Gibb
GA8 C172 TBA @DimitriB
GA9 SR22 KTDF @anon45500775
GA10 TBM9 KAUS @Alex_E
GA12 TBM9 KEKN @Butter_Boi
GA13 C172 KRUQ @Pingu
GA14 SR22 KRUQ @thenewpilot
          Wave 2 Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA2 XCUB 7A8 @Everything_Matthew
GA3 XCUB KBCB @David_Mullen
GA4 TBM9 TBA @Murilo_Heindrich
GA6 TBM9 KCHA @chuckaule
GA7 C172 KGCY @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
GA8 TBM9 KGSP @Aloha_Tradin_Co
GA9 TBM9 TFFJ @United2
GA10 C172 KMLU @TheFlyingGuy1

Its reccommended that you practice taking off at the airport a few days before the event (Practicing takeoff and landing isn’t allowed when the event is in progress)

Yes I know I said I was going to do an oceania flyout but I think this one would fit a little bit better.


Lets fill 2NC0!

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Could I please take a TBM to KAUS? Thanks! This airport is sooo awesome and underrated

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Sure thing! I couldn’t agree more, this is surprisingly the first event in the IFC for this airport.


Hey, I’ll take a spot in the C172 to KCDK please.

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Sure thing, I’ll put your name down.

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C172 to KMTP please!

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Alrighty I’ll put your name down.

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Could I please have the TBM to Charlottesville KCHO?

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Ah yes, the Appalachian mountains. Although dwarfed by the Rockies, Himalayas, and Alps, it’s still just as beautiful. A hidden gem of an airport, such a cool airport that’s right in my home state, North Carolina.

Can I get GA12 in the third TBM-930 please? I’ll be heading up to KEKN.

New Signups

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I have put myself down at ga5

Meanwhile I’m all lonely at GA12. 😂
At least it has the best view of all the gates, that’s why I signed up for that gate!

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I’ll take GA6 in the XCub to KMRN (Foothills Regional) I’ll be flying in from 7A8 (Avery Co)

| also see how you can overrun the runway…

Sure thing! yeah it is pretty easy to overrun. Also after you land please respawn at GA6 so you can be in the correct gate area. @ItsBlitz

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I’ll take a C172 to KTRI please! Any gate I’m not fussed 😄

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I’ll put you down for GA7 Thanks for coming!

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I’ll take any gate in a 172 - i’ll decide my destination on the day!

Didn’t mean to reply to you Ryan:)


Alrighty thanks for joining!

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I’ll take an SR22 to KIGX

(I’m from North Carolina)