[FINISHED] Fun in the Sun - Realistic Cancún Flyout! @ MMUN - 041900ZAPR20

I’ll do the same, Air Transat (generic) a330 from Toronto

Can I fly in from kiah? I will be flying the B772, the flight time is about 2 hours.
Here’s the link

Here is my route.
KIAH BOTLL FLYZA PPALE 2916N/9452W ANKRR PEGLG DUTNA 00S/00W 4030N/11221W 00S/00W 6450N/14730W MMUN

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@Pajd02 Thanks!
@KailasSrinivasan You got it, thanks for coming!

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34 American A321 Philadelphia (KPHL) 3:00 -

Can I take this one please?

You got it, thanks for signing up :)

Mine. Thanks!

Allll signed up!

|59|Aeromexico|B737-700|Mexico City (MMMX)|1:55

I’ll have that one, please.

Nooooooo someone took Philly. I’m going to think about signing up if I can when the date gets closer, or if @Southwest0012 cannot attend

@Taryn_Czick You’re good to go, thanks for coming!

@NoahM alright, sorry about the philly route, just let me know whenever you want to sign up :)

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I’m sorry About that😐

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Hi can I have Gate 18; Copa 738 to PTY

You got it, thanks for coming!

Just under 2 weeks left until the event thanks to everyone that ha signed up so far! Not a lot of time left until the event, so get your signups in!

I also changed the Turkish Airlines flight from a 777 to A350 since it fits more closely to the 787 used on the route in real life, for anybody interested in that gate

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Can I also get a fly-in gate? I will be flying from Boston to Cancun before my flight back, in a JetBlue A320. My flight time should be around 4 hours and 40 minutes. I’ll probably be staying on the ground in Cancun for about an hour to and hour and a half before the event starts. Hope to see you there!

You certainly can! See you there!

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Nevermind, I’ll keep mine.

Can I have this, please?

All yours, see you there!

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i’ll take the Lufthansa flight
Callsign : NSV2503J