[FINISHED] Fun in the Sun - Realistic Cancún Flyout! @ MMUN - 041900ZAPR20

@ILOVE7879-2.0 You got it, thanks for coming!
@shat You got it!
@anon41771314 Looks like @shat got to it first
@Udeme_Ekpo Yup, thanks for signing up!

im gonna ree myself out the window

I will take this gate please!

@MJP_27 You got it :)

@anon41771314 Um, ok

Hi, I’ll take this route 🙂

You got it, thanks for signing up :)

Thanks to everyone who signed up in the first week!

3 weeks to go, with plenty of gates left for anybody who still wants to sign up!!!

Can I do an Air Transat flight at gate 54? To CYYZ in the A330? Or WestJet 767 to YYZ?

Sure, that’s fine :)

Just know if anyone takes the gate next to you, there’s a wingspan issue as I said so the planes have to push in a certain order

Your pick if you want Air Transat or WestJet. I’m guessing you’ll use the generic livery for the A330 or 767? Or were you planning on a different livery?

Yeah, unfortunately they don’t have the livery for either of them on IF

So would you like Air Transat in the A330 or WestJet with the 767?

I’ll do Transat a330

Alright you got it! Thanks for signing up :)

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I’ll take this please. Thanks!😀

Sorry, can I switch to Gate 32 to Boston?

@KindaTartySliceOfPie You got it, thanks for signing up :) (could you tell me which livery you’ll be using in the Southwest 737-700?)

@Pingu No problem, your gate has been switched :)

I’ll be using the Southwest Canyon Blue.

Thanks for the info! Thanks again for coming!

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So I am going to try to fly in, however I will land earlier than the event to give some time in between.


What’s the details of your flyin? Airline, plane, origin airport…I’ll leave departure time blank since you’ll be arriving earlier I can always remove it if you can’t flyin