[FINISHED] Fun in the Sun - Realistic Cancún Flyout! @ MMUN - 041900ZAPR20

Welcome to the Cancún Flyout!


Hello everyone! This is the first event I have posted here on the IFC, and I’m happy to finally be able to host one! This event is a flyout that will take place at Cancún International Airport in warm and sunny Cancún Mexico. Why did I choose Cancún? MMUN has a large variety of airlines flying to destinations in North America, South America, and Europe, giving pilots here on the IFC many choices for routes they want to fly. Plus, Cancún is a fun city to go to if you ever get the chance! I’ve always enjoyed participating in events, so I decided to go with Cancún for my first one. To make this flyout as realistic as possible, all the routes provided leave from the same terminals they would in real life, with routes that are flown in real life.

About Cancún International Airport:


Server: Expert
Date & Time: 2020-04-04T19:00:00Z (will automatically adjust to your timezone)

This event is on Expert Server. Please remember to be respectful and professional at all times

Use Unicom professionally and respectfully

If IFATC is present, follow all ATC instructions

You are fully responsible for any ghostings or reports you receive

Please spawn at your gate 10-15 minutes prior to the event starting

Runway information will be given the day of the event. Which runway is in use depends on the METAR that day

Terminal Layout:

Airline Locations

Terminal 1

Other Charter Flights Not Listed At Other Terminals

Terminal 2

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Avianca Costa Rica
Blue Panorama
Copa Airlines
Cubana de Aviación
TUI fly Belgium
TUI fly Deutschland
TUI fly Netherlands
Turkish Airlines
Volaris Costa Rica

Terminal 3

Air Canada
Air Canada Rouge
Air Europa
Alaska Airlines
British Airways

Terminal 4

Aeroméxico Connect
Air France
Air Transat
Azur Air
Nordwind Airlines
Royal Flight
Sun Country


Now, on to the gates! To sign up for a gate, please reply with airline, aircraft, and destination of the flight you would like. If you would like a realistic route that is not listed below, reply with your route and there’s a good chance we can replace an existing gate below with your requested route!

Reminder: Some aircraft flown on routes in real life may not be available in Infinite Flight. If that is the case, a substitute aircraft will be used. The same applies for any liveries not in Infinite Flight.
Also: Flight times listed below are just estimates. Flights may be longer or shorter depending on different factors such as wind.


Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Estimated Flight Time Pilot
S01 Magni B737-700 (generic livery, sub -300) Guadalajara (MMGL) 2:30 -
S02 Magni B737-700 (generic livery, sub -300) Léon/El Bajío (MMLO) 2:10 -
S03 Magni B737-700 (generic livery, sub -300) Aguascalientes (MMAS) 2:20 -
S04 Magni B737-700 (generic livery, sub -300) Chihuahua (MMCU) 3:00 -
S05 Magni B737-700 (generic livery, sub -300) Nuevo Laredo (MMNL) 2:30 -
S06 Magni B737-700 (generic livery, sub -300) Querétaro (MMQT) 2:05 -
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Estimated Flight Time Pilot
14 Avianca A320 Bogota (SKBO) 2:55 @Javier_Cassis_Giler
15 Volaris A319 Mexico City (MMMX) 1:55 @james122001
16 LATAM Chile B787-9 Miami (KMIA) 1:15 @nicopizarro
17 VivaAerobus A320 Terroeón/Gómez Palacio (MMTC) 2:35 @Luis_Varela
18 Copa B737-800 Panama City (MPTO) 2:10 @Frankfurt05
19 TUI B787-9 Birmingham (EGBB) 8:20 @Matt93
20 LATAM Chile A350-900 (sub 787-9) Santiago (SCEL) 7:15 @DanVenezuela
21 MAYAir Dash 8 Q400 Cozumel (MMCZ) 0:20 @Omar_Alqinneh
22 VivaAerobus A320 Tuxtla Gutiérrez (MMTG) 1:20 @Populeux_Music
23 Volaris A319 San Luis Postosí (MMSP) 2:10 @RileyBozina
24 Cayman Airways B737-800 (BA/Comair livery) Grand Cayman (MWCR) 1:15 @AVPA99
25 Turkish Airlines A350-900 (sub 787-9) Istanbul (LTFM) 10:40 @Captainjs
Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Estimated Flight Time Pilot
26 United B737-900 Houston-Intercontinental (KIAH) 1:55 @Udeme_Ekpo
27 Delta A321 Atlanta (KATL) 2:00 @cptlogue
28 jetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 1:20 @NYFLFlyer22
29 Spirit A321 Detroit (KTDW) 3:00 @ATCEthan
30 American A321 Charlotte (KCLT) 2:20 @reer104
31 United B737-900 San Fransisco (KSFO) 5:40 -
32 jetBlue A320 Boston (KBOS) 3:30 @Pingu
33 Delta B737-900 Los Angeles (KLAX) 4:40 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
34 American A321 Philadelphia (KPHL) 3:00 @Southwest0012
35 jetBlue A320 Orlando (KMCO) 1:30 @Armani_B
36 Air Canada Rouge A319 (sub A321) Québec City (CYQB) 3:50 @GPilot118
37 British Airways B777-200ER London-Gatwick (EGKK) 8:30 @CPT_Colorado
38 Delta B737-900 Detroit (KTDW) 3:00 @KIND9624
39 American B787-9 (sub 787-8) Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW) 2:45 @Lil_Seedy_Boi
40 United B777-200ER Chicago-O’Hare (KORD) 3:15 -
41 Delta B737-900 Tampa (KTPA) 1:20 @MJP_27
42 Air Canada A330-300 Montreal (CYUL) 3:20 @raoul_butler
43 Spirit A320 (sub A319) Austin (KAUS) 2:30 @snoman
44 Air Canada Rouge A319 Ottawa (CYOW) 3:40 -
45 Alaska Airlines B737-800 Seattle (KSEA) 6:05 @Dendenawesome_14
46 American B737-800 Phoenix-Sky Harbor (KPHX) 4:00 @C_hawk
47 Air Canada A330-300 Toronto-Pearson (CYYZ) 3:05 @Captain_T_Malone
48 Evelop A350-900 Madrid (LEMD) 8:50 @shat
Terminal 4
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Estimated Flight Time Pilot
53 Lufthansa A330-300 (sub A340-300) Frankfurt (EDDF) 9:00 @Dreadjack888
54 Air Transat A330-300 (generic livery) Toronto-Pearson (CYYZ) 3:05 @Pajd02
55 Southwest B737-700 (Canyon Blue) Chicago-Midway (KMDW) 3:10 @KindaTartySliceOfPie
56 Aeroméxico B737-700 (sub E170) Monterrey (MMMY) 2:20 @Zach_Mayer
57 Frontier A321 St. Louis (KSTL) 2:30 @wpal123jet
58 WestJet B737-800 Vancouver (CYVR) 6:10 @ILOVE7879-2.0
59 Aeromexico B737-700 Mexico City (MMMX) 1:55 @Taryn_Czick
60 Southwest B737-700 (Canyon Blue) Denver (KDEN) 3:50 @Luke_Sta
61 Condor B767-300 (Thomas Cook livery) Munich (EDDM) 9:35 @Jonathan_WRIGHT
62 WestJet B737-800 Calgary (CYYC) 5:50 @Alex_L
63 Nordwind Airlines B777-300ER (Aeroflot or generic livery) Moscow-Sheremetyevo (UUEE) 11:00 @Thunderhead
64 Air France B777-300ER Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) 8:40 @philippine217

For any Southwest flights, please list which livery you would like to use, as there are multiple

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ETA Pilot
PP01A Private CRJ 200 (IF Livery) Calgary/Springbank (CYBW) 5:50 @KGJT-9149
PP07A Private Citation X South Bimini (MYBS) 1:35 @Javaro_Davis
PP13A Private Citation X St. Louis (KSTL) 2:30 @United2
PP17A Private Citation X Miami (KMIA) 1:10 @Thunderbolt
PP23A Private Citation X Atlanta (KATL) 2:00 @BennyBoy007

More GA gates will be added if needed. GA aircraft larger than a CRJ 700 are prohibited due to size

Fly In:

If you would like, you can also fly into Cancún. Please reply with a realistic route if you want to fly in. A departure time for your flight will be calculated in order to have you land around the time of the event. Routes that are not realistic will not be accepted. To see realistic routes, check out the Wikipedia article above or see the airport’s FlightAware arrivals page here:

Please try to arrive to the real terminal your airline uses as listed above in the “Airline Locations” section. If you arrive early and there are no gates available, please wait for another aircraft to push back so a gate can open up for you!

Fly In
Origin Airport Airline Aircraft Departure Time Estimated Flight Time Pilot
Toronto-Pearson (CYYZ) Air Transat A330-300 (generic livery) - 3:30 @Pajd02
Houston-Intercontinental (KIAH) United B777-200ER - 2:00 @KailasSrinivasan
Boston (KBOS) jetBlue A320 - 4:40 @Pingu

A PM will be sent to all attendees a few days before the event starts for communication purposes

Thank you for checking out my event, and I hope you can make it!


Could I have gate 35 at terminal 3 please to Orlando

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This one please ;)

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I’ll take this one!

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Yes please 🙋‍♂️

Can I take this to Denver please, same aircraft though.

@Armani_B @cptlogue @Alex_L @ThomasThePro You’re all signed up, thanks for coming :)

@Luke_Sta You’ve got it :) which livery will you be using on the Southwest 737-700?


This one please?

Most likely the canyon blue livery :)

Can I get this gate but switch the destination to KSTL. Flight time to there is 2:30

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I’ll take this. Aircraft CRJ-200 (IF Livery). Destination: Calgary Springbank (CYBW). Call sign C-KGJT

@Lil_Seedy_Boi You got it! Thanks for signing up ;)
@Luke_Sta Thanks!
@United2 Yup, you can do that, I’ll add your flight in right now :)
@KGJT-9149 You got it! I’ll add that in now


Hey @NYFLFlyer22, can I grab Gate 40 to Chicago O’Hare? Thanks!

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Thanks very much sounds like a good and fun event

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Added :)
Thanks for coming!

Takes pls and thx

May I have Evelop A359 to LEMD T3G48

I’ll take this please!

Heads or Tails? :)

Can I please have Gate 26 United B737-900 to Houston-Intercontinental?