[FINISHED] Fun Event : Race around an airport! @ KRFD - 221630ZFEB17

Hey all!
AeroSync hosts a fun-event ! Race around the airport, the winner will receive a virtual cookie ! See important info below :

Server: Casual

Region: Chicago

Airport: Rockford KRFD

Time: 1630Z

Rules :

1.You have to stick with one aircraft and livery for the entire event. Aircraft can be following :

  • Airbus A318
  • Airbus A319
  • Boeing 717
  • Boeing 737
  • Embraer 190
  • Embraer 195

2.As marked above, the intersection is the start/finish line. You will race 1 lap, the first one to cross the line wins. Cutting a corner will make you lose. The competition will be in a KO-tournament mode. At every time during the race, the spoilers need to stay deployed. All aircraft further need to be at 0% load. In the final there will be 3 laps.

Participants :
Challenger 1 : @Hyestar123 - Embraer 190 KLM
Challenger 2 : Jet_Airways_995 - Boeing 717 Atlanta Falcon
Challenger 3 : @BrunoHeinsAAT - A318 Airbus livery new
Challenger 4 : @Mr_MLG_Redux - Boeing 737 ( livery needed )
Challenger 5 : @samuel_48 - Embraer 190 JetBlue
Challenger 6 : @RTG113 - Boeing 737 Southwest
Challenger 7 : Overspeed - Airbus A318 Airbus livery old
Challenger 8 : Thatguyjustice -
Challenger 9 : @7405896A - Airbus A318 Infinite Flight
Challenger 10 : @AdamCallow - Boeing 737 BBJ
Challenger 11 : @Canuck23 - Boeing 737 Westjet
Challenger 12 : @Ezequiel_Dakar_Pasio - Embraer 195 Air Europa
Challenger 13 : GZuckerberg - Embraer 195 FlyBe

Judge : Captain_A

Comment below if you wanna come as well and fight for the cookie ! Also, please comment your choice of aircraft and livery, so that I can note you down !

See you on wednesday !


Sounds fun and a new concept to me. Sign me up sir Embraer 190 with JetBlue livery


Sounds fun sign me up! southwest 737-700

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This is actually going to be very funny. When people come around the turns they will be waaaaay too fast and the wing will strike the ground and plane flip over. I wouldn’t be surprised to even see a few planes unpurposely takeoff from fast speeds. There’s even bound to be a bunch of spin-outs too.


Alright, this is gonna be amazing!

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tell me the plane and livery please.

Boeing 737-900 in the BBJ3 livery

oh yeah, spin outs, flips, accidental takeoffs, Murphy’s law will have a field day with this event!

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Set your spoilers to armed and move trim full negative to prevent this. I’ve gotten well past 200kt rolling on the ground with these settings.


Count me in! I’d love to do this.

Alright! Just state the aircraft (must be one of the above aircraft) and livery you’ll partake in the event with!

What time western? Sounds fun!

Will add you guys tomorrow as soon as you let me know your aircraft and livery :)

@Jet_Airways_995 @Captain_A I need your choice of aircraft

Is it racing on the ground? Sad to say goodbye ;(

Yes it is on the ground. We will always be open for you dude, you helped a lot!

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Sounds fun. I’ll get back to you about a place in the race later ;)

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Perfect, you know where you can find me :D


Please comment your aircraft / racecar of choice below ;)

I can. Make it! 4:30 on Wednesday? For pst? I’ll be in an a318 new livery!