[FINISHED] From the City to the Bush @ YBBN - 070100ZDEC18

From the City to the Bush

Hi Everyone. This event is a special one, as it is my first ever event! As I live in Outback Australia, I really want to encourage pilots to explore Queensland’s remote Western Region! Most of the commercial flights that are provided to this region of Australia are provided by QantasLink’s Dash 8 family and are scheduled RPT (Regular Passenger Transport) services. Due to the location of people and families in the Western Region of Queensland, flights like these help people to get where they need to really fast. So let’s have some fun and do some bush flying.


Server: Training

Airport: YBBN

Time: 7th of December - 0100Z (11:00am AEST)


  • Follow ALL ATC Instructions
  • All flights will be in the QantasLink Dash 8 Q400, with the QantasLink (Q-Link) callsign
  • Be as realistic as possible
  • @alphabravo6 will be leading the aircraft on the ground, so please don’t request taxi before @alphabravo6 has
  • Do not differ flight plan from what is displayed below
  • Please spawn in 5-10 before the departure to prepare


Destination One: YROM (Roma)
Roma is a regional, country town known for it’s agriculture, oil and gas. It is located 478km west from Brisbane (YBBN) with a population of approximately 6,850. This town has one airport (YROM) that is located to the North of the centre of the town. The airport has two runways, Runway 18-36 and Runway 09-27. Runway 18-36 is used for most departures and arrivals due to it being asphalt sealed, which Runway 09-27 is a grass runway. Roma receives over 10 Dash 8 services each week, all being operated by QantasLink.

Destination Two: YBCV (Charleville)
Charleville is also a regional town, located further west from Brisbane (approx. 743km). With a small population of 3340 people, Charleville receives multiple Dash 8 services run by QantasLink. Some of these flights are from Roma to Charleville, while the others are directly from Brisbane. Charleville has two runways, Runway 18-36 and Runway 12-30.

Destination Three: YLRE (Longreach)

Home to the Qantas Founders Museum, Longreach is a regional town located approximately 1,177km north, north-west of Brisbane. Longreach is home to over 2,950 people, that are serviced by Qantas’ Dash 8 flights. Longreach has one runway, which is runway 22-04.


Please reply below with your requested gate, your callsign and route (to one of three outback locations)

The Gates available at YBBN are as follows:

Gate 01A - @alphabravo6 QLK561 YBBN - YLRE
Gate 01B -
Gate 01C -
Gate 01D -
Gate 03 -
Gate 04 -
Gate 05 -
Gate 06 -


Remote 15 -
Remote 15A -
Remote 15B -

Flight Information

YBBN - YROM (Brisbane - Roma)

Flight Time: 1hr 5mins
Block Fuel: 3649kg
Passengers: 74
Expected Departure Runway: Runway 19
Expected Arrival Runway: 36
Cruise Altitude: 20,000ft
Cruise Speed: 247kt (M 0.51)

Route: YBBN BN 2725S/15246E 2726S/15241E SHANO 2719S/15151E 2652S/15024E 2640S/14922E 2633S/14847E YROM

YBBN - YBCV (Brisbane - Charleville)

Flight Time: 2hr
Block Fuel: 4505kg
Passengers: 65
Expected Departure Runway: Runway 19
Expected Arrival Runway: Runway 12
Cruise Altitude: 22,000ft
Cruise Speed: 218kt (M 0.52)

Route: BBN BN 2715S/15211E 2645S/14821E 2625S/14615E YBCV

YBBN - YLRE (Brisbane - Longreach)

Flight Time: 2hr 5mins
Block Fuel: 4696
Passengers: 65
Expected Departure Runway: Runway 19
Expected Arrival Runway: Runway 04
Cruise Altitude: 25,000ft
Cruise Speed: 225kt (M 0.52)

Route: YBBN BN 2725S/15246E SHANO 2727S/15220E 2719S/15151E 2652S/15024E 2548S/14954E OLLIE 2427S/14531E 2426S/14526E YLRE

General Information/Notes

  • When ground movements of the departing aircraft have started at YBBN, please remember that the gates do not require pushback. Aircraft are to taxi directly from their gates to the active runway specified by the Ground ATC.

  • Due to the size of these regional airports, commercial RPT aircraft arrivals usually enter via a pattern entry (see figure below), whether it is straight in onto final, or joining crosswind, then completing the full pattern. Please, to be as realistic as possible, consider using these pattern entries.


  • Please allow the appropriate spacing between other aircraft when arriving, as most/all of these airports/aerodromes have limited taxiways and require the aircraft to back-taxi/back-track the runway to exit.

  • Vertical Speed and Initial climb speeds are the pilots discretion, but please keep in mind that realism is key.

  • Please use Unicom correctly as it helps other arriving aircraft to have an idea of what your intentions are

  • Due to limited gate space at the regional airports/aerodromes, there are only a few designated RPT stands/aprons. If there is an influx of aircraft at one airport/aerodrome, the GA stands/aprons may have to be put to use

  • Be respectful to other pilots (no cutting in line, don’t get in the road of other aircraft taxiing etc.)

ATC Services


Due to the size and location of all the arrival airports/aerodromes (YROM, YBCV and YLRE), there are no ATC services provided, meaning Unicom is in place.

Please contact me via PM or reply below if you are able to fulfill one/two of these services at YBBN as it would be great to have some ATC on the day

Please reply below if you have any questions or concerns.

I may be able to sort out extra gates if there are more than the expected number of people wanting to participate.

I have put heaps of effort into this so I am hoping that everyone enjoys it and we get a good turnout of pilots.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!



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