{FINISHED} Fort Lauderdale Big Fly-Out @ KFLL - 211600ZAPR18


                      **Massive Fort Lauderdale Fly-Out @ KFLL**

Event Introduction & Description:

Hello everyone! This is David Berman, the President and founder of El-Al Virtual Airlines. After working hard to create multiple routes to fit everyone’s different schedule I thought this would be pretty cool and fun. I’m going to get ATC ASAP and would love for everyone to join!!

We will be meeting up at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (KFLL). Please spawn 10-15 minutes prior to the event to begin filling out your flight plan and taking pictures. We will achieve this in Infinite Flight by using the realistic airlines that serve the airport along with the correct terminal assignments and corresponding routes.

Date: Saturday, April 21st, 2018
Time: 1600Z (12:00PM EDT)
Airport: Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (KFLL)
Server: Expert

When requesting a gate and an aircraft, please be aware of your destination.
Fort Lauderdale has many more destinations, however, due to the lack of gates we tried fitting in as many as possible! Everyone will be responsible for creating their own flight plan as well as their fuel load. We will all be taking off from Runway 10L. Do NOT speed during taxi or cut anyone off even if there’s traffic, please be patient. This event will take place on the expert server, all rules are enforced and are expected to be followed. In the event that ATC is active, please follow all of the instructions the controllers give you. You may be subject to ghosting.

Airline Directory:

Airline CODE Aircraft(s)
Air Canada AC B777-300
Alligent G4 B757-200
American Airlines AA B777-300
Avianca AV B787-8
Azul AD E195
British Airways BA B777-300
Carribean BW B737-800
Copa CM B737-800
Delta DL A330-300
Emirates EK B777-200F
JetBlue B6 A321-200
Norwegian Airlines NA B737-800
Southwest WN B737-800
Spirit NK A321-200
United UA B737-900
Virgin America VX A320-200
WestJet WS B737-700

Gate Assignments:

Terminal 1
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
B01 G4 B738 KFLL-KCVG @Cbro4
B02 G4 B757-200 KFLL-KCLE
B04 UA B737-900 KFLL-KDEN @VAnuj
B05 CMI B737-800 KFLL-MPTO
B06 IWS B737-700 KFLL-CYUL
B07 WS B737-700 KFLL-CYQB
B08 BA B777-300 KFLL-EGKK @ThomasThePro
B09 BA B777-300 KFLL-EGLL
C01 B6 A321-200 KFLL-MUCM
C02 B6 A321-200 KFLL-MUHA
C03 B6 A321-200 KFLL-MDSD
C04 B6 A321-200 KFLL-TNCA
C05 B6 A321-200 KFLL-KALB
C06 B6 A321-200 KFLL-KBUF
C07 B6 A321-200 KFLL-KLAS
C08 B6 A321-200 KFLL-KPIT
C09 B6 A321-200 KFLL-SPJC
Terminal 2
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
D01 B6 A321-200 KFLL-MMMX
D02 B6 A321-200 KFLL-MBPV
D03 B6 A321-200 KFLL-SEQM
D04 B6 A321-200 KFLL-MROC
D05 WN B737-800 KFLL-MZBZ
D06 IWN B737-800 KFLL-LPIA
D07 WN B737-800 KFLL-KBWI
D08 WN B737-800 KFLL-KMCO @Davidberman
D09 WN B737-800 KFLL-KHOU @Chase_Copeland
Terminal 3
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
E01 AA B777-300 KFLL-KCLT
E02 AA B777-300 KFLL-KORD @CaptAC
E03 AA B777-300 KFLL-KDFW
E04 AA B777-300 KFLL-MTPP
E05 IBW B737-800 KFLL-MTCH
E06 IBW B737-800 KFLL-TTPP
E07 BW B737-800 KFLL-MKJP
E08 NA B737-800 KFLL-ESSA
E09 NA B737-800 KFLL-LFPG
E10 AD B737-800 KFLL-SBGR
F01 VX A320-200 KFLL-KLAX
F02 VX A320-200 KFLL-KLAX
F03 VX A320-200 KFLL-KJFK @metro
F04 VX A320-200 KFLL-KSFO
F06 DL A330-300 KFLL-KDTW
F07 DL A330-300 KFLL-KLGA
F08 DL A330-300 KFLL-KSLC
F09 AC B777-300 KFLL-CYHZ @Smyan_Muranjan
F10 AC B777-300 KFLL-CYYZ
Terminal 4
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
G10 NK A321-200 KFLL-MMUN
G11 NK A321-200 KFLL-SKCG
G12 NK A321-200 KFLL-MGGT
G13 EK B777-200F KFLL-OMDB
G14 EK B777-200F KFLL-OMDB
H02 INK A321-200 KFLL-MGGT
H04 NK A321-200 KFLL-MDST
H06 NK A321-200 KFLL-MDSD
H07 NK A321-200 KFLL-MNMG
H08 NK A321-200 KFLL-SKRG
H09 NK A321-200 KFLL-MDPC
H10 NK A321-200 KFLL-MHLM

(If you’re interested in joining El Al Virtual Airlines, feel free to click the link below and apply! https://elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal/apply)


Oh, would have loved to come but busy then. One of my favorite airports. :(

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Ohhh, then next time!!!

Just a tidbit:

Check your airline terminal assignments. I noticed some airlines are not in the correct terminals. I’d also advise to check up on some of the aircraft in the directory, specifically the Norwegian ones. Don’t think the 737-800 has adequate range to fly trans-Atlantic from Fort Lauderdale over to Western Europe. In the real world, 787-8s and -9s are used on these routes.

It’s your event at the end of the day, however, so it’s your prerogative to choose whatever aircraft you’d like to see present at it. Just thought I’d leave some constructive criticism.


If you want to keep things realistic then I would advice you to check up on those Norwegian airframes. Norwegian flies 787-9 and/or 787-8 to ESSA from KFLL, and not 737’s.

Also, I know for a fact that Alaska Airlines flies from here, as I have flown to KSEA from there.

I doubt any airline flies the 777-300er to FLL either

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for the feedback, however, I’m actually using different planes becuase I liked the size and the livery but next event will be 100% realistic. This one is just for fun! Let me know if you’re interested in joining!

We cannot add so many due to the lack of the gates.

Just saying, most of these aren’t the correct terminal/plane assignments at all, which you say in the original post.

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Like I said above, next event will be 100% with proper plane assignments. Thanks for reading!

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Wow. Very well detailed. Hopefully I can make it! I’ll check my schedule! :)

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Great! That would be amazing!

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Put me down for KFLL to KCVG (Gate B01). I’m not sure if I can make it, but we’ll put it down for now.

Also, is there anyway to do the Delta B738, as they also fly this route?

Sure, no problem. See you there!

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Awesome! Then I’ll do the B738!

EDIT: @Davidberman you have me down for the 757 but gave me an ok for the 737. Which should I use?

It seems not possible but your wrong. Norwegian flies one 737 a day on weekdays from Europe to FLL. The 787 always comes a couple hours after.

@Davidberman Im going to join the event, but as a GA Aircraft. Anyway, FLL only serve 1 A330 and that’s from Azul, not Delta. And there are no 773’s.

Please check the range of the 737-800, sir. :)

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Will post this in our virtualBlue slack and try to round up some virtualBlue pilots. Some may take A320’s and E190’s depending on routing. Also, you’ve got the terminals swapped around a bit. For real world ops, JetBlue is in terminal 3 the E and F gates.

Here’s a map/chart for you KFLL Terminal Map

Put me down for a jetBlue gate but I’ll fly FLL-DCA in the E190 unfortunately i won’t have enough time that day for Caribbean flight or a transcon.

Here’s all the jetBlue routes out of FLL for you as well in case someone else may want a shorter route.


This event looks like it’s going to be great! May I have a gate in the jetBlue terminal for a FLL-JFK flight in the A320?

Oh and by the way, we usually use T3, not T1 ;)


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