[Finished!] Flyme (Villa Air) Flight 600 to Hanimaadhoo @ VRMM - 100300ZMAR18

Underserved routes are a series of routes that focus on flights that are flown in Real Life, that little to nobody fly in the world of IF. All event logos and FPL’s cannot be used in without consent, of AllegiantAir. Thank you!

Server: Training

Region: Maldives

Airport: VRMM

Time: 0100Z

Aircraft: Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400

Livery: Generic livery or Bombardier Livery

NOTAM: Welcome to the fifth event for Underserved Routes. We will be going to the Maldives this time, to fly a short haul from VRMM to VRMH.

Cruising Altitude/Speed: 13,500 ft @ 245 kts
Route: VRMM - VRMH
Aircraft/Livery: Q-400 (Generic or Bombardier)
Flight time: 30 minutes

Flight Plan mostly takes us over the Maldive islands and beautiful sea!

Gate 01: @AllegiantAir
Gate 02: @Krunchy_Toast
Gate 03: @anon57683537
Gate 04: @BigBert10
Gate 05: @William_Chin
Gate 06: @GolferRyan
Gate 07: @
Gate 08: @
Gate 09: @

I hope you can all join me on this beautiful and majestic flight through the great country of Maldives 🇲🇻!

@Shmashee @BigBert10 @anon57683537 @Krunchy_Toast @William_Chin do you guys want to join?

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I will definitely join this one

I will join and i have a route suggestion: RPVI-RPLL and i can ask if PAL virtual can sponsor it

Oh my! A Dash! I am not good at flying these planes XD

Sign me up though!

@AllegiantAir sign me up!

I may drop by, the Maldives have some nice scenery.

(Side note: those of you that play FSX should remember Hanimaadhoo from the 737 Engine failure mission.)

What day will this be

This Friday at 0100Z

I won’t make this one I am busy at that time

I have to delay the for 2 hours due to family matters! Sorry for the inconvenience!


So how much time do we have left until we start?

Okay let’s spawn in @BigBert10 @William_Chin @GolferRyan @Krunchy_Toast @anon57683537

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Oh yay! Landed at KDFW just in time! :)

I’ll be there in a few minutes :)

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Wait am i still too late?

Nope, Event is starting in 5 minutes

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Umm…where is everybody? XD

@William_Chin @GolferRyan @anon57683537 where r u at?

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Guys how much fuel should i put in

I’m in now should I get our ATCEG friends?