Server: Expert

Airport: OTHH

Time: 0330Z

NOTAM: Last minute flight!! Join me in flying one of the longest commercial long haul flights Quatar(Doha) to Auckland, New Zealand. Should be about 18hrs to complete! Real world FP, aircraft, livery and almost real world departure time (1hr later). You can copy my FP (Spencer_clark1 / Quatar 747.
Departure: OTHH
Arrival: NZAA
Flight time: 18hr
Cruise alt: FL31
Speed: 0.84mach
Flight Plan: copy mine :)

New at this so please help with suggestions / changes :)


Is this 10:00 PM in central time?

Yes, 0300z to 10:00 pm in ctz

If this was on expert I would join…

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Lets change it to expert then 🙃🙃🙃

Changed to Expert Server :)

I may be able to join you on Expert at 0330-0400Z

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Maybe keep it training for the potential of more people coming

Do you know if I’m able to edit the time / server?

Click the button that has a pencil icon below your first post and you should be able to edit the text.

@SF34 thanks, I should’ve looked closer before asking ha

What aircraft/livery?

If more people want training than expert I will change it to training… would you guys say more people would join with expert than training? Very open to suggestions

Aircraft: 777-200LR
Livery: Qatar Airlines

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Also I have
-Fuel set to highest - 162,675lbs left and right tanks (325,349lbs total)
-Passengers: 27,791lbs / 164 pass.
-Cargo: Front- 12,432lbs, back- 12,432lbs (24,864lbs total)

I should be able to join.

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@MacGyver awesome 😎

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@SF34 think you’ll be able to join?

Let’s spawn on gates C01 - C05 even though it looks like only 2-3 of us 😅

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Departure runway?