[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


I’ll get terminal 2, gate 27. Cya there!


Thank you for joining


how are you planning departure? will be some timing provided or everyone at own will can pushback?


I will most likely be providing ATC and I’m thinking of scheduled departure times for each terminal, but that might take too much time. I will probably get someone to control ground while I control tower, if the region is covered.


I will be giving a certain timeframe for each terminal based off of how packed the terminal is.


great, thanks
I am just thinking of approving pushback one by one by atc, so pilots don’t need to call “ready for pushback” but atc tells when to pushback


Actually I may be allowing pilots to request pushback whenever, but I don’t want pilots requesting pushback when they know there is an aircraft behind them. I’m going to include all additional info in the group chat @miko99x


Ethiad A388 N50LP (KLAX-OMDB)

Just give me any available gate for this route please :)


so it’s almost 10 mins after planned departure and there are 3 planes…


Yea, where is everyone?


@miko99x and @Gulai_Shen the event is a month away from now


ah s***t , I am sowwy facepalm


lol. i’ll get back to March.


this time travel things, one never knows what day or month it is…


Unfortunately there are no gates available in the international terminal for that flight


Sorry guys but it March 24th. Exactly 4 weeks away.


Is there space for an SAA A340-600? I’d like to join and fly to Johannesburg via JFK.


SAA does not operate out of LAX. Please check the map and terminals above before requesting a gate. This is supposed to be as “realistic” as possible. Thank you


Feel free to pick any airline and gate that’s available. I still have 8 terminals and the cargo area to fill lol. @Javian_J @Springbok777


I’ll join in I just reached Grade 3 (I am with Air Canada)