[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


Thank you for joining! @Gulai_Shen @Boeing797 @miko99x @xxFuryxx @Kate_Russell @HPNMatt_AirCanada150


Can i be Delta 88 to SLC in a 737-800


Gate 21B is yours. Thanks for joining!


Any Foreign Airlines That Operate Our Of The TBIT, The Cargo Gates For Those Airlines Are Now OPEN


Just a quick question. I’m already flying in this. Like you’ve put me on the list that I’m coming.


Yes. Please go look and check under the TBIT if you’d like


Has the event finished?


The date of the event is in the title @Callum_Brayshaw ;)

March 24th, 2018 at 20:00Z


OK thanks for letting me know


What time zone is that in?


I don’t mean to inconvenience you, but would you mind changing my flight (UVA-035 to Houston) from the A320 to the 737-900?
Thank you


You’re welcome. Zulu is in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


No problem and I will change it as soon as I get home.


Sign me up!
American 1186
Terminal 4 Gate 48B


Sign me up please!
Name: N670VA
Aicraft: BOEING 737-900
GATE: 65A/T4

Good flights for all!!!


Do you mind if I change the gate to G72? It fits better and you can check if you’d like


Thanks for joining! @Javier_Cassis_Giler @Cristian_Gonzalez


I don’t mind at all :)


Could I get T2 Gate-22A
Delta 845
Route - KLAX -> KATL


Ok. Gate 22A is too big but from the available gates, gates 27, 28, 34, and 35 will accommodate a Delta Boeing 767-300. @bookers4eva