[FINISHED] [Filled: 67.8%] [114 People Attended] A Realistic Airport Event on the Expert Server @ KLAX - 242000ZMAR18


Check Gate 154 in the TBIT. πŸ˜‰


I will find a gate to add UPS to. Thanks for joining


It’s alright, just give me a United Gate for United 332 from LAX to IAH.


Did you add my name for the TBIT?


I have a sheet of paper for the people waiting on a gate in the TBIT. So in a way, yes I do. You are at the top of the list. @Goran12


May I have FedEx 05 Gate?

FedEx 3610

(KLAX) Los Angeles International Airport to Indianapolis International Airport (KIND).

Thanks! @Brent_A


Could you please assign me gate 49 terminal 4?

Aircraft: 777-300ER
Callsign: AA 108
Route: KLAX - EGLL



I will add you guys as soon as I get the chance. @Michael_Weinblatt @777flier

I’m getting ready for a funeral everyone. Sorry for the delay!


Take your time. No rush. @Brent_A


Can I get Air France A380 KLAX-LFPG?


Sign me up please :)
Callsign: BER4EVR Super
Gate: Gate 49
Aircraft: Lufthansa A380-800


Sign me up!
Gate 71B
United E175 (Or CRJ-700 if it’s out)


You’re aircraft is too big for that gate. @777flier

Thank you for joining! MD-11F correct? @Michael_Weinblatt

There is not an United livery for an E175. I also need your callsign please. @AllegiantAir

@KingWings @Teddybrooo

Lufthansa and Air France fly out of the TBIT, which is full, but I can but you two down on the reserve list with @Goran12.

Btw I need a callsign @KingWings


Yes sir! MD-11F is correct! @Brent_A


Sorry I meant Northwest airlines, and my callsign will be Northwest 4698


Ok I will put you down. Thanks for joining @AllegiantAir


Less Than 2 Weeks Away


i will take a velars a320 on terminal B


Terminal B is full sir


Can I get gate 33A?

Aircraft: Delta B739
Callsign: DLVA044