[FINISHED] Fighter Photoshoot

i need people to come out at KEDW in some F-22s for a photoshoot, on casual, in the 11-1 through 11-6 parking areas

Right now? which fighter?

we’re just going to sit there for photos and then fly out for photos

alright. coming now.

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ok boys, engines start

can we do a formation flight?

lets try it, everyone land

Can I lead? If not IDC

we’ll do a diamond formation, you’ll be on bottom and ill be on top

ok. come to 05L everyone

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@Boeing747-8 i’m really sorry I just realised I can’t I already have a flight on casual dangit I should have thought about it first /:

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its ok :( ill see you next time!

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stay around 3000 feet and between 250-290kts please

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I’ll still track you guys on live flight at least!

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lets do a V formation

form up guys


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lol, im done, thanks for coming everyone!