[FINISHED] FedEx VA Pacific Expansion Event @ KOAK - 031700ZMAR2018

Server: Expert

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KOAK

Date: March 3rd

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: As we continue our expansion into airports all over the world, FedEx VA is happy to announce that our hub in Oakland is officially open for business. Providing routes across the pacific and the US, KOAK is a vital part of our daily operations. To celebrate, our aim is to open airport, utilizing real world routes out of Oakland, featuring not only FedEx but also commercial airlines that operate out of the airport. Make sure to check out the routes below and sign up for your favorite destination

Photo cred: @Lucas_Piedra

FedEx Gates:
Cargo FedEx 01 - FX1874 - KOAK-KLAS - @AgusAeromexico B777
Cargo FedEx 02 - FX1869 - KOAK-KLAX - @Ukulele
Cargo FedEx 03 - FX330 - KOAK-KMEM - @hussein_ali
Cargo FedEx 04 - FX1857 - KOAK-KPDX - @CaptAwesomeAaron
Cargo FedEx 05 - FX1605 - KOAK-KIND - @Douglas_Chanley
Cargo FedEx 06 - FX31 - KOAK-RJAA - @ElCapitan
Cargo FedEx 07 - FX37 - KOAK-PANC - @SwissCrow MD11F
Cargo FedEx 08 - FX371 - KOAK-RJAA - @Q-ENAN

Commercial Gates
Gate 05 - Southwest Airlines - KOAK-KATL
Gate 06 - Southwest Airlines - KOAK-KLAS - @SlimeFlyer B738
Gate 07 - Southwest Airlines - KOAK-KLAX

Gate 08 - Hawaiian Airlines - KOAK-PHNL - @Brent_Adams (B763) (HVA0722)

Gate 27 - American Airlines - KOAK-KDFW
Gate 28 - American Airlines - KOAK-KPHX

Gate 29 - Delta Airlines - KOAK-KATL - @r3life
Gate 30 - Delta Airlines - KOAK-KSLC
Gate 31 - Delta Airlines - KOAK-KLAX

Reply below for a gate reservation, or PM for a spot. We hope to see everyone in the Bay Area!


I’d like to take gate 07 to Anchorage please.

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All yours! Any certain aircraft?

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Id take the classic MD-11F.

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Also, for anyone interested in joining the premier cargo VA on Infinite Flight, check out our website!

I’ll take the Cargo FDX 06 - FX31 - KOAK-RJAA

MD1F (not sure)

SIGN ME UP! Best Cargo VA going, maybe I’m biased? ;)

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May I take the route of KOAK-KLAS with an B777-200F of Fed Ex?

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Best VA hands down…
Sign me up for FDX1869 to KLAX

@Ukulele @ElCapitan @AgusAeromexico you all have gates!

K I’ll fly into KOAK from KMEM, but what time in Central Time is 1700Z? Sorry, I’m not good at reading Zulu time.

No worries, 1700Z is 11:00 am central time.
And the event is at KOAK, do you want me to put you down for a flight departing KOAK?

(B763) (HVA0722)

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Sign me up cargo FedEx 01 - FX1874

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It looks like that gate is taken, but there are plenty of others to choose from!

I’ll have gate 06 with southwest and I’ll use a 737-800

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Cargo FedEx 03 - FX330 sign me up

@SlimeFlyer @hussein_ali I have you both added!

Yes and thank you for the time, I may have to cancel it but I probably won’t have to. Can you sign me up for a gate?

I want FDX1857 from KOAK to KPDX.

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