[FINISHED] FedEx Express virtual presents September 11 memorial event @ KIAD - 112215ZSEP11

Well that’s just great. I’m after flying back from Australia to the US to do this event. I thought it was on at 17.15 London time

The memo I seen on FedEx site said 16.15Z which is 17.15 in London

It is quite late for those in Europe but i guess it is for the american time zone.

but in the title it says 2215Z.

It doesn’t say that on our fedex site

You see what I mean …

yeah I do. I think you should ask @Jack_Q what time.

Hi FedEx pilot here as well what time is the event on in the fedex memo it says 16.15Z is this correct that’s 17.15 in london

military f-16 thank you very much

I am already the 767 American. I think the United 767 is open.

Roger that! That’s a great choice!

Sorry guys. The time is now 22:15 Zulu (12:15 AM (Europe: Paris), 3:15 PM (America: Los Angeles)1:15 AM (Europe: Paris), 4:15 PM (America: Los Angeles)

I have made a event server for people who are not in FDXVA. This is not official just for this event. https://discord.gg/45sSM4V

Former events director here,
Just to clear up, this event is at 2215 Zulu
5:15 CDT
6:15 EDT
3:15 PDT
Or basically in 9 hours and ten minutes.

Thankyou for your help in horrible with Zulu time

Fedex 14 here. I won’t be able to make because the time is too late for me for work commitments. I travelled back from Australia for this event only after landing in KMEM in the last hour but I thought it was on at 16.15Z. Maybe next time

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Sorry already in an AAVA EVENT

I’d like a gate please

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