Finished ! | F-16 formation flying Part 2! A new series of Group Flights - 111800ZOCT19 - @KJFK

F-16 formation flight from KJFK-KMCO It’s a new series that I will be hosting

  • Aircraft and Livery: F-16

  • Route: KJFK-KMCO

  • Time of Departure: 2019-10-11T22:00:00Z2019-10-11T23:00:00Z

  • Server: Training sever

  • Additional Information: So today is the event and more thing will come out as we get closer as of right now the flight we be I think a hour since we will be flying 660mph at 36000 that all the information as of right now more will come out soon. Hope you can join STAY TUNED for more information!

I am making FPL
People who are attending

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I’ll join in

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Ok I will put you down like last time!

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There is plenty of gates left feel free to join!

In Group Flights, your not allowed to assign gates.



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@UnitedGuy19 7 minutes where do we spawn at JFK

need fuel support?

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@UnitedGuy19 Can I use the KC-10?

We will be flying at 660 Knots at 36k feet I dont think we need fuel, but thanks

@UnitedGuy19 should we spawn now?

@UnitedGuy19 do we spawn

Spawn in guys

im on, N806ML / ghostrider

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Respect ATC

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Oh sure spawn in a KC 10

Turn on those engines

Copy my flight plan

I already did

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Sorry nice show for the commercial pilots @UnitedGuy19