[FINISHED] Exploring Europe with easyJet Virtual, vol.1 @EGGW - 061900ZOCT18


Exploring Europe with easyJet Virtual, vol.1 EGGW - BIKF

Dear everyone,

Welcome to a new easyJet event series developed to allow you to explore Europe! In this event series, we will be flying to various destinations from our schedules, mostly from our main hub, London Luton.

On 6 October (Saturday) we will be flying from London Luton Airport (EGGW) to Keflavik International Airport (BIKF), located in Iceland!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Date: October 6, 2018 (Saturday)
Departure time: 1900Z - planned
Scheduled Time Enroute: 3 hours 15 minutes

Flight Briefing

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200, easyJet livery

Flight Plan: Copy from EZY1 (@Artem_F)
Fuel: Take at least 4h30m in order to take into account traffic upon landing


Gate 01: @Artem_F
Gate 02: @easyWig
Gate 03: @Olivier_Mathis
Gate 04: @Marek
Gate 05: @JJSpringer05
Gate 06: @GlenSamba
Gate 07: @APH71
Gate 09: @Jose_gil
Gate 14: @Mrplane2
Gate 13: @Jersey_Paul
Gate 11: @Thomasie
Gate 12:

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!!

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Can I please join Gate 2?

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Can I get s gate plz

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@easyWig, @Olivier_Mathis all done! See you there

Hi,can I have a gate please

Of course! Here you go:)

Gate 7 please

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Can I get a gate please?

Yes, sure! Gate 6 is yours;)

Event is tomorrow!

Reserve a gate if you are willing to attend;)

Gate 9, porfavor!

All done! Thanks for attending!!!

Can I get a gate please

All done! Thanks

Hi can I join in/get a gate 😊


Hii!!! i know its late but i can i get a gate ??

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sorry but where can i find the flightplan? im soo stupidπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

plssss can i get a gate?!

Thanks for this! was fun, i have taken some cool pics of our planes πŸ˜€