[FINISHED] Everyone drop an f for Moritz Spotting Competition

evening bump

Who is the owner of the aerial shot of the Qatar holding short? 🧐


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4 hour bump!

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I appreciate you

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I appreciate you too Andrew ❤️

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5 minute warning 👀

He’s talkin bout a different round

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Don’t know how to read. Don’t mind me


Current Standings

Photographer Losses
@robert_xing 1
@Robertine 1

You can also see a full version here.

We will also have a round for third place.


Can’t wait to see who loses :D

Anyways, the semifinals were so hard to choose

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Can’t wait to see the final round!

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  • Qantas 787-9
  • A400M Low Pass

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For Third

  • United 737-800
  • Kalitta 747-400F

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Of course Robert had to take an aerial shot 😊

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Wait that’s illegal

Anyway will be interesting to see who wins

To be perfectly fair, air to air shots should be illegal but who am I to choose 😕

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but why
its a picture of an airplane


It’s not as inclusive as general planespotting (and this is just my personal opinion ofc) but a majority of people don’t have the money to pay for a heli flight, or a company willing to do such flights nearby. I just feel it isn’t as inclusive as it could be, but anyways, go back to voting everyone :)

if we banned heli photos we’d have to ban expensive cameras and lenses too


that would cause some sad moritz noises