[FINISHED] Everyone drop an f for Moritz Spotting Competition

Hello Community!

I did one of these last year and I’m doing another one this year. Welcome to another spotting competition. Since last year, there have been a good amount of new spotters on the forum, so I figured this would be a good time.


  • Double elimination style (two losses and you’re out).
  • No category/plane restrictions for any rounds.
  • Must be your own photos.
  • Must not have any significantly photoshopped elements (for example: enhancing the sky with a gradient is fair game. Swapping in an entirely new sky is not). This is honor system, but don’t let me catch you.
  • Please only enter if you are actually going to stay active during the whole competition. I’m not chasing people around for photos.
  • Photographer names will be kept private (for the most part), but votes will be public and shown on close.

How to Enter

  • Entries are open from now until noon EST on December 31st. No further entries will be accepted after that time.
  • Please send me a separate PM with your photo. If you cannot initiate a PM due to trust level, drop a reply and I will message you first.
  • If you prefer, you can also send multiple photos and I will simply use them in order so I don’t have to bother you every round.
  • The competition will start around noon EST on January 1st.

Have Fun!

Here is a running list of all participating photographers.


Very nice mr Oat. I will be sure to participate!


im in for sure

tho ill lose anyways

Just DM me a photo


I actually have decent photos this time lol.

Count me in!


I’d love to join!

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12 entries so far, let’s keep them coming

Would like to get at least a couple more

Can I enter

Sure, just PM me a photo

Up to 20 something…let’s get to 30!


~16 hours left to get entries in!

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Sign me up


cool I like this idea

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this meme is funny good one

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Entries are now closed! Rounds will start tomorrow

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I’m looking forward to voting! I would have joined but I only have 3 good photos. 😂

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Round 1 [Set 1/4]

  • United 737-700
  • Atlas 747-8F

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  • Air Canada 787-9
  • Delta A330-300 (Silhouette)

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Oh jeez I forgot the IFC has a thing for silhouettes :(