[FINISHED] Event LHR-CPT @ EGLL - 090800ZDEC17

Server: *Expert

Region:The world

Airport: LHR

Time: *0800Z 0800GMT

NOTAM: *This is my first event so please tell me if anything is wrong.

Aircraft British airways 747 , South Africa airways A340 and South Africa airways 747-200


558 @Goran12 Leader calling sign BAW43 747-400
556 @Jacob_Sim
555 @Benj_gilbs
554 @jdag2004
553 @Owain_G

Note more gates will be added.



EGLL RW27R L27LF MARLO SAM27 KKW28 E6 0913S CB008 CTV55 CTV25 R12726 FACT

Altitude 3600ft speed m0.70 climb speed 250 VS350
Estimated flight time 10hr10min


Amazing event! However, it was is the wrong format. Thanks @ewanfleming and @Jet_Airways_995 for fixing it.

Here is the proper format here: About the Events category

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Could you help me please.

I already fixed it. Notin’ else you need to do.


Oh thank you.
Wait how did you fix it?

Whats the estimated flight time?

Regulars can edit other people’s topic titles

Oh thank you so now people can join right?

Yeah. You’re good to go :)

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Ok thanks that’s great.

So know people can join or not?

Why don’t you read on how to change it Gora , people won’t do everything for you! 😉

@JRRaviation left the topic on event titles above.

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Nooooo you just changed it to the 9th of December 2018. I changed it back to 2017

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Ok it’s for the 9th of DEC right?

It’s for the 9th December 2017 at 0800Z. There’s no need to touch it anymore.

Hi, I would like a gate!

Can I have gate 557? That would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi, can I please have gate?

Sure Gate 557 is yours.

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Sure Gate 556 is yours.