[Finished] Enjoy the Clear Water @ KPIE - 121800ZOCT19


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Florida is a lovely state. Lots of avgeeks love small airports. Let’s combine the two, what do you get? St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport! Come on down to KPIE and enjoy a nice flyout. Details below.

Time: 2019-10-12T17:00:00Z

Training Server

NOTAM: If no ATC is present, please respect unicom and other participants.

Ground Tower Approach
@UnitedGuy19 @TRDubh @ThePlaneFlyer
Gate User Destination Aircraft
01A @Cpt_Alpha32 KPIE-KCHA Allegiant A320
02 @NathanD KPIE-KATW Allegiant A320
03 @Josh67 KPIE-KCVG Allegiant A320
04 (Vacant)
05 (Vacant)
06 (Vacant)
07 (Vacant)
08 (Vacant)
09 (Vacant)
10 (Vacant)
11 (Vacant)
12 (Vacant)
Cargo 14 @DanyyRude KPIE-KMEM FedEx MD-11
Cargo 15 (Vacant)

Cargo spots are not route-restricted.
GA, and Hangar gates are not reserved.


Credit to Wikipedia.

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Ill have tower please if that’s ok

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Okay, thanks for signing up!

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If you run a VA and are interested in sponsoring this event, I would gladly accept and appreciate it!

Delta 737 8 to Atlanta

Sorry, this route isn’t available. Please choose one listed at the bottom of the original post, there’s a wide variety run by Allegiant. :)

I’ll take GA 3 and a route to Cincinnati if possible :)

Gate 3 to Cincinnati, you’ve got it!

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You might want to fix the gates.

Anyone want to sign up? There’s still gates left and plenty of routes to choose from.

I will take ground

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Thanks so much for signing up!

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Can you put down DC-10 FedEx to Memphis

@DanyyRude The DC-10 isn’t used by FedEx anymore. What about the MD-11? Will that work for you?

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Sure I was just thinking smaller airfield, Smaller plane

And they do still opperate DC10’S

MD-10s, pretty much the same thing. But the MD-11 has the current livery, that’s why I suggested it.

Could I fly a Allegiant A320 to Appleton

Sure! Thanks for signing up!

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Yeah no problem