[Finished]Emirates VA Presents// One of Emirates Busiest Route @ OMDB - 201400ZMAY18

Hello Community,

I am happy to announce as new event manager for Emirates VA that we will be doing one of the most recognized Emirates routes. We will be doing OMDB to EGLL which is one of Emirates top passenger routes having 3 daily routes from Dubai. So we will depart from hot and sunny Dubai heading over the man made islands and one of the top hotels in the world to heading just over Istanbul and Frankfurt before descending it London one of the most visited tourist locations locations with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. After landing in one of the world’s busiest airports London-Heathrow.

Server: Training Server

Aircraft:777-200/300ER or A380 (Emirates Livery)

Airport: OMDB [Dubai International]

Time: 1700Z(?)

Date: 20 May 2018


  • Please spawn in 10 mins before departure

  • Please use aircraft ssid and callsign given

  • Follow all ATC instructions

  • Obey all instructions and rules give by Emirates Staff

Flight Plan:
Can be Copied off of @Trevor_Austin or any staff member attending


OMDB Gates**:
A03: @Trevor_Austin
A04: @NationofAviation
A05: @FDemon
A06: @Joeoreilly77
A07: @Captain-Daniel
A08: @MathAviation7
A09: @JulianQ
A10: @ZaneDavis
D10: @Binesh_Ashokan
D08: @Carolina_Taylor
D07: @Miguel_Ortiz
D06: @Marek
D04: @Captain_Millz
D03: @John_Ryan
D02: @AviationJack
D01: @Robert_Richardson
A01: @Dart
A02: @theabdulrasheed
More gates will be added if needed

Emirates 2: @Trevor_Austin
Emirates 3: @NationofAviation
Emirates 4: @FDemon
Emirates 5: @Captain-Daniel
Emirates 6: @MathAviation7
Emirates 7: @Joeoreilly77
Emirates 8: @ZaneDavis
Emirates 9: @JulianQ
Emirates 10: @Binesh_Ashokan
Emirates 11: @EVAN_JOHNSON
Emirates 12: @Carolina_Taylor
Emirates 13: @Miguel_Ortiz
Emirates 14: @Marek
Emirates 15: @IF_AMERICA_DO_SUL
Emirates 16: @Captain_Millz
Emirates 17: @John_Ryan
Emirates 18: @AviationJack
Emirates 173: @Robert_Richardson
Emirates 20: @Dart
Emirates 421: @theabdulrasheed
More callsigns will be added if needed

OMDB Ground: @JackH
OMDB Tower: @JackH

EGLL Ground:
EGLL Tower:

EGLL Approach:

Please stay afterwards for pictures

Come and join Emirates VA

Emirates VA is a growing VA based out of Dubai International Airport home to some of the richest people in the world. Emirates flies the A380, B777-200/300, B777F, A320(Generic). We fly these aircraft all over the world with some very long flight to San Francisco, JFK Airport, Seoul,Korea and many more exotic destinations. Emirates also holds the shortest A380 flight being only 55 mins. So please consider joining this VA with many professional pilots and staff. We have staff available to help at all times ready to help.
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[Emriates Application]


I recommend that you use a more realistic - politically influenced route like @dush19 tends to do. Just a suggestion ;)


We decided this route because it is one of Emriates busiest routes we thought it was appropriate

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I see that, but make it so that you have to fly around certain countries and avoid airspace’s along the way to London. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

The flight plan is temporary I understand what your saying we just put that up to show where were flying direct

Could I take ATC at OMDB ground and tower please

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Yes you can. Thanks for signing!

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Can I have a gate please.

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Yes you can! Gate 04 and Callsign Emriates 3 is all your’s@NationofAviation

Thanks, will be there.

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You dont want to miss out on this awesome event

Can I have callsign Emirates 7

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Looks good, ill take a gate and callsign please!

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@Joeoreilly77 and @FDemon I the gave you both gates and callsigns


I’ll take a gate please!

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Got it! Thanks for joining

Hello, since the route is also operated with the A380 as well, why don’t you let participants also use that aircraft? Just curious. Still like the event :)


Thanks for signing up on your own will 😂@Kyriakos_Papasavas

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Id like gate 9 and callsign Emirates 9 if thats possible

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Yep you got it @JulianQ