(Finished)Down Under Fly-Out @ YBBN - 210100ZOCT18

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Hi there! This is another event I have put together. For this event, I want to try and fill Brisbane Airport to do a Fly-Out event. This event is for everyone that wants to join.

Server: Training Server

Airport: YBBN

Time: 0100Z *Sunday, October 21, 2018 1:00 AMSunday, October 21, 2018 2:30 AM

Aircraft: 737-800,737-700,717,747-400,777-300er,777-200er,787-9,A380,A330-300,A320, Dash 8 q400


  • Please spawn roughly 10 minutes before departure

  • There will be ATC

  • Be responsible

  • No trolling

These are some routes, you can do your own route if you don’t want to do these routes. You will have to find out other routes to fly if you don’t want to fly these routes. head to Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map to kook at other routes. Gate 03,04,05 is Turbo Prop.

Destination: Aircraft: Livery:
YBTL Boeing 737-800 Qantas
YSSY Boeing 737-800 Qantas
WSSS Boeing 777-200er Singapore Airlines
NZCH Airbus A320 Air NewZealand
YPDN Airbus A319 (Replacing the A320) TigerAir

Gates: (Domestic)

Gate: Pilot: Destination: Aircraft:
Gate 03 @Kacey YROM Bombardier Dash8 Q400
Gate 04
Gate 05
Gate 06
Gate 16
Gate 17 @esant_15 YSSY Boeing 737-800
Gate 18
Gate 19 @ADDY28 YBTL Boeing 737-800
Gate 20 @Luke_M YBTL Boeing 737-800
Gate 21
Gate 22 @Rhyno_04 YSSY Boeing 787-8
Gate 23
Gate 24
Gate 25
Gate 26
Gate 27
Gate 28 @Ash_Rand YSSY Airbus A320
Gate 29
Gate 30
Gate 31 @Cwilliams21 YBTL Boeing 737-800
Gate 32A
Gate 38
Gate 39
Gate 40
Gate 41
Gate 43
Gate 44
Gate 45
Gate 46
Gate 47
Gate 48
Gate 49
Gate 50

Gates: (International)

Gate: Pilot: Destination: Aircraft:
Gate 75
Gate 76
Gate 77
Gate 78
Gate 79
Gate 80
Gate 81
Gate 82
Gate 83
Gate 84
Gate 85 @Ren RPLL Airbus A321
Gate 86
Gate 87 @Rishon_R NZCH Airbus A320

Ground: @QFA_12
Tower: @Pilotcorn09
Departure: @Aaron_Lewer
ATC controllers, please be responsible when controlling, don’t be silly or troll.

Hope to see lots you you there!


Oooo my home airport!!! Sign me up ma man! I’ll be doing YBBN-YBTL


Can I have gate 4 with the 737-8 bound for sydney?

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Of course, see you there.

Sure thing. See you there.

Can I change you to get 17? Gate 4 is turboprop. I will have to add that in about turboprop gates.

That’s fine with me!

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Actually, can I take gate 3 in a Q400 to Roma? (YROM)

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I will fly to cairns on the a319 TigerAir
I will take gate 31

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Sure thing, Thanks for signing up, see you there. @Kacey @Cwilliams21

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I love these Australian events please do more especially from Brisbane which is my hometown I love this event 10/10


il be ground if u need it

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Sure. I will see you there.

My home airport too!


Can I get International Gate 75? B738 to NWWW

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Sure, See you there.

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I would like International gate 87. Destination NZCH
Aircraft: A320. Air New Zealand.

Sure thing, See you there.

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could I actually sign up for a gate if so could I plz go to ywlm because it’s the closet to my home town

Sure thing, see you there.