[FINISHED] Delta VA Coast to Coast Anniversary Flight! @ KJFK - 262100ZDEC17

Sign me up please! (Iā€™m @fanglin from DLVA)

Cool! Cya there, you got A4.

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May I have a gate, please?šŸ›¬šŸ˜ŽšŸ›«

Yeah you can have gate A5, see you there

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can i get a gate please

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Yeah, you got A6! Cya there

okay thanks for the spot

Iā€™d like gate A7!

You got it! Thanks for signing up

I would like a gate please

You got gate 62, see you there!

May I take a gate please?

Can I have gate 63 please

Iā€™d want Gate 63 Please!

@coolman @MEJRC @F22 check gate assignments

Iā€™m in! See you all at JFK.

See you at JFK! You have gate 73

@MarkAviation your gate has been reassigned to gate 74, hope you dont mind! see you there

DLVA2388 requesting gate.

I am not a member of DLVA, however I have been plannng on doing this flight for a longbtike now, but have never had the time. Could I have a gate?