[FINISHED] Delta VA Coast to Coast Anniversary Flight! @ KJFK - 262100ZDEC17


Join Delta VA as we celebrate our first anniversary as a virtual airline. That is an absolutely amazing accomplishment that we are proud to say we have completed! To celebrate this, we will be flying from New York (KJFK) to Los Angeles (KLAX) This coast to coast flight will have us taking off during the beautiful New York sunset, and landing in Los Angeles during the night time. As most, if not all of you may already know, a new update came out introducing a new aircraft with Delta colors, that is the MD-11. For this extremely special event, we will be flying this extremely special aircraft.

Server - Expert

Date - 12/26/17

Departure Time - 2100Z


EST 4:00pm
CST 3:00pm
MST 2:00pm
PST 1:00pm

Expected Flight Time - 5 hours 30 minutes

Arrival Time - 0230Z on 12/27/17


EST 9:30pm
CST 8:30pm
MST 7:30pm
PST 6:30pm

–>Flight time estimated-Diversion to KONT if necessary-Check NOTAM for possible diversions ←

V1-146 / VR-154 / V2-161
Flight Level - FL340

How it's Done (Climb)

Flaps set to °15 for take off / Stay below 102%N1
-Takeoff under 210KIAS until 4000ft - 4000fpm
-Climb to FL100 from 245KIAS - 4500fpm
-Climb to FL170 from cruise speed M.82 (305KIAS until cross over altitude) - 4500fpm
-Climb to FL220from cruise speed - 3500fpm
-Climb to FL260 from cruise speed - 2800fpm
-Climb to FL310 from cruise speed - 2000fpm
-Climb to FL340 from cruise speed - 1500fpm

How it's Done (Descent)

Begin descent 130NM out of (KLAX)
-1800fpm until at FL160
-1400fpm until at FL100 / Slow down at FL140
-900fpm until you intercept ILS

Departure - (John F. Kennedy International Airport) / (KJFK)
Arrival - (Los Angeles International Airport) / (KLAX)

Aircraft - (McDonnell Douglas MD-11) (Delta Livery)

Total Fuel - 124,253lbs. / 56,360kgs
-6971lbs. / 3162kgs Emergency Fuel

Passengers - 44,749lbs. / 20,298kgs.*
-264 Souls

Cargo - ~ 24,573lbs. / ~ 11,146kgs.

ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) - * 365,207lbs. / 165,655kgs.*

NOTAM: KJFK-KLAX // M.82 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // FPL made by @xSev (DLVA427) and is to be copied at KJFK after spawning in //

For more information check below ⬇
KJFK charts - KJFK information
KLAX charts - KLAX information

Current gate assignments:
Spots (request a spot):

Terminal 4

Gate A2 - @American
Gate A3 - @garrison2502
Gate A4 - @Haifan_Day
Gate A5 - @con
Gate A6 - @Jmacd20
Gate A7 - @Coolman

Gate B20 - @NL-Maxis
Gate B22 - @Twocflyer
Gate B24 - @anon2063420
Gate B26 - @Kyle.r24
Gate B28 - @Itssherwood03
Gate B30 - @LennyD
Gate B32 - @Andres_LC
Gate B33 - @r3life
Gate B34 - @Eduardo_Rodrigues1
Gate B35 - @ClarenceTheAvgeek
Gate B36 - @Bigballin2u
Gate B37 - @CS_Aus_TB20GT
Gate B38 - @Mo_Eguires
Gate B39 - @Pilot_SK
Gate B40 - @Pilot_urp
Gate B41 - @Lucas_Piedra

Gate 62 - @anthonyphilemon
Gate 63 - @F22
Gate 72 - @MEJRC
Gate 73 - @Sherbert342
Gate 74 - @Abbasbeloved
Gate 78 - @Owain_G
Gate 79 - @Rowdywhale
Gate 80 - @crxmson
Gate 81 - @Dialga365
Gate 82 - @CarlosFunes
Gate 98 - @Joshua_Liu
Gate 99 - @cdc_03
Gate 100 -

(More spots will be open if need be)

Who are we?

Delta Virtual

About us

Delta Virtual is an airline of distinction. Stemming from the idea that efficiency gets the job done, we are sure to have everything ready for Global. Your dream of a perfect airline is our reality so we invite you to join this incredible group. With 100+ members and an interactive staff team, Delta Virtual offers warm welcomes. We have elegantly designed our website to suit the simplicity, yet professional feel you so desire the most. Delta Virtual takes VAs to the next level.

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Delta Virtual offers nearly 1,200 routes all hand inputted into our database so the search for one is painless. We have 14 hubs all across the globe ready for your aircraft. We have routes ranging from 1 hour flights to 10+ hour flights, featuring some beautiful destinations like Amsterdam and Boston! Our interactive globe makes it fun and easy to find a route, find where it will take you, and how long it will be. So what are you waiting for? Join Delta Virtual today to start your career in Infinite Flight aviation and an experience to last.

Delta Virtual - Building a better airline for global, not just a bigger one.


What we’re using:
Simbrief Briefing : KJFK-KLAX | KJFK Charts
| KJFK information | KLAX Charts | KLAX information | ZULU time chart | Airnav | Delta Virtual


Very well organized I must say! (The pictures are also spot on) Would you consider this a public event for the anniversary?




Sign me up as well! Thanks

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Gate please! Thank you

Me me me me me me me me me me
Sign me up!!!

Yup, Im in there. Sign me up!

Being a part of DLVA from the start, I just have to be here for this one year event, can’t wait to take to the skies with so many great people once again. Sign me up please. :D

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Of course this is public! It’s on the IFC and anyone can join!


I’ll take a gate! Thanks!

Sure thing! Gate B22 for you!

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Of course boss! B24 For you!

No problem! B26 For you!

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Gate B28 for you, cya there!

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Glad to have you here! Check gate assignments @r3life @mwe2187 @LennyD

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17 mins and already halfway full. haha. Awesome!

I’ll take Gate B35 please

Sweet! B35 is all yours!

I would like gate B36 please!!!


Roger that, B36 For you!