[[Finished]] Delivery of Swiss Chocolate For Our Newest Mod! @ LFSB 071200ZDEC19 // Welcome Marc!

Chocolate Delivery To @Marc

Server: Casual

Airport: LFSB

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: Whats said below!

Aircraft: Any!

We welcome our newest mod Marc, to the IFC!

For this event, we are delivering Chocolate…and specifically Swiss Chocolate!

Join me in getting alot of Chocolate for him…just dont eat it all in once @Marc 😂

Whos Coming?

  • Me!
  • Sadly not!

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Disclaimer: This is an event dedicated to our newest mod, Marc, whereas this event has no occasion with IF LLC

Avoid Tagging Marc in the comments!

Photo Credits!




I was literally writing a PM saying you should do this. Although I’m not a fan, I’ll come just for the chocolates from @Marc


As this is also my home airport I’ll join if I’m around. Feel free to delivery some to me as well ;)

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This airport is very intresting, 3 countries, one airport

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Sure! Don’t forget your brother!

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He said to avoid Tagging Marc in the comments we already failed at that one

@anon41771314 made that comment before I added avoid tagging him.

And no, I didn’t add it because of him. If you look at my other event, I have the same thing.

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I wasn’t paying attention my bad

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I would melt that chocolate in my A330 before I landed… With transporting all those guys and gals on the IFC I’d have to store the chocolate in the engine…

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Gotta deliver some Lindt dark chocolate and some Swiss international airlines chocolate, which he loves!!!

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Only Vote ‘Me’ On The Poll, If you Are ACTUALLY Coming!

Flashback to the area 51 event…320+ attending, but only 40 turned up 😡

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Let’s keep a COOL head 😉


Oh I love some Toblerones! I’ll be there!

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Ahhhhh, were those pictures of chocolate really necessary? Now I really want some. Haha

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@Etrain wanna do the OLS again?🙂. Been a while since you last did!

Give me a day to make sure I have no plans this time :)

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Haha, alright!

1 Week To Go!

@Marc is kindly waiting for his VR Chocolate 😂


@George_Flack can you put the time in world format?

What’s OLS?