(Finished) Connecting DXB to the world! @ OMDB - 071500ZMAY20

Summary: Dubai airport is one of the biggest airports in the Middle East and it is home to one of the biggest airlines. Here in Infinite Flight there are many exotic places to fly from and this is why I am presenting connecting DXB to the world

Server: Expert

Airport: OMDB

Time: 2020-05-07T15:00:00Z

image image

Here is some airport information


Terminal 1
Plane Airline Gate Destination Pilot
B773 Singapore Airline D01 WSSS
B777 British Airways D02 EGLL @JayIOM
B777 KLM D03 EHAM @AlphaKilo
A340 Lufthansa D04 EDDF
B777 British Airways D05 EGKK @Dan.786
B777 Aeroflot D06 UUWW
A350 Air France D07 LFPG
A350 Japan airlines D08 RJTT @KindaTartySliceOfPie
B787 Royal Jordanian D09 OJAI @Fish
B777 British Airways D10 EGKK @Gaming_sniper
Terminal 2
Plane Airline Gate Destination Pilot
B737 Fly Dubai F02 OERK @Delta07
B789 Saudia F03 OEJN @anon77793723
B737 Fly Dubai F04 LKPR
B737 Fly Dubai F05 OLBA
B737 Fly Dubai F06 VABB
B737 Fly Dubai F07 OKBK
A330 Egypt Air F08 HECA @Jay_M
B737 Fly Dubai F09 HAAB
A321 Gulf Air F10 OBBI @indraniel
B787 Air New Zealand F11 NZAA
B737 Fly Dubai F12 OJAI
B747 British Airways F13 EGCC
A330 Swiss Airlines F17 LSZH @CPTWilliam
A340 South African airlines F18 FACT
A350 Aeroflot F19 UUEE @cptlogue
B737 Fly Dubai F20 VOMM
B737 Fly Dubai F21 OEMA
B737 Fly Dubai F22 OTHH
A350 Finnair F23 EFHK
A350 Aer Lingus F24 EIDW @IF_worldwide
B737 Fly Dubai F25 HKJK
B787 JetStar F26R YSSY
B777 Emirates F27 OJAI @BritishAirways001
Terminal 3
Plane Airline Gate Destination Pilot
A380 Emirates A01 KLAX @Shiv
A380 Emirates A02 KSFO @Joseph.Barnett
A380 Emirates A03 EGLL @egeefesa350
B777 Emirates A04 KJFK @Raquis
A380 Emirates A05 KORD @Wilsonkrisw
B777 Emirates A06 KFLL @United2
B777 Emirates A07 OJAI @ToasterStroodie
A380 Emirates A08 YSSY @DanVenezuela
A380 Emirates A09 NZAA @CaptainAzriq
B777 Emirates A10 EBBR @SirMarkieMark
B777 Emirates B01 KDTW
A380 Qantas B02 EGLL @CPT_HILD
A380 Emirates B03 YMML @Abdullah_Zameer
A380 Emirates B04 OEJN @Majed.2110
B787 Qantas B07 YSSY @Thomas
B777 Emirates B08 EHAM @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
A380 Emirates B09 CYVR
A380 Emirates B10 CYYZ @torontoaviator
B777 Emirates B11 OERK
B777 Emirates B12 VOMM
B777 Emirates B14 HAAB
A380 Emirates B15 LKPR
A380 Emirates B16 VTBS
B777 Emirates B17 WSSS @Martin_Lorenz
B777 Emirates B18R VIDP @JenJ
A380 Emirates B20 EGKK @Tsumia
A380 Emirates B21R YPPH
A380 Emirates B22 YBBN
B777 Emirates B23 EGCC @Frank_InfiniteFlight
B777 Emirates B24 OLBA @JoeHaddad
B777 Emirates B25 LKPR
A380 Emirates B26R EGCC @Dreadjack888
B777 Emirates B27 KFLL @Sharan.Somayaji
B777 Emirates C48 VHHH @Karin_Wong
B777 Emirates C49 RJTT @ouzi
B777 Emirates C50 OJAI
A380 Emirates C51 CYYZ @Sam73628
A380 Emirates C52 LEMD @Yazad
A380 Emirates C53 LEMD @Jehan_Sabavala
A380 Emirates C54 LEMD @Gortano7
B777 Emirates C55 EGPH @Gabry
A380 Emirates C56 FACT
B777 Emirates C57 EGBB @15shawo
B777 Emirates C58 EPWA @Kamil_Chmielewski
A380 Emirates C59 KIAH @PocketRishi
B777 Emirates C60 KMIA @Elefanths
B777 Emirates C61 KDTW
B777 Emirates C62 YBBN @Cam_Williams
A380 Emirates C63 KIAH @li7ing
B777 Emirates C64 FADN @Average_Gamer

Remote Gates not in use

Thanks to EKVA for sponsoring this event go check them out here Fly Emirates Virtual Official Thread 2020 | Fly Emirates, Fly Better | New Thai Group Virtual Partnership!

All EKVA members that join this event get double flight time :)


I’ll have gate B24 to OLBA :) Callsign: Emirates 957.

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Sure I will put your name down

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Hello there, this is a very nice event :)

But may I strongly advise you to change the date if you want attendance. As Friday Night Flight (which is always a massive event) falls on this date.

Its just strongly advised, if this is the only date that you’re able that’s fine too. But don’t expect many pilots to come.



Oops just noticed thanks for telling me will change it by one day

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There we go

No worries! I’m still attending 😋

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I would love to have this! Thanks!

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Put your name done just now

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I’ll take Qantas to EGLL Gate B2.

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I put your name down

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Can I have gate B04 to OEJN With callsign Emirates 443

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Your name is now on there

I would like gate D07 to LFPG (Air France A350). Callsign: air france 3442

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Hey there. I saw u put me the down for the BA flight to EGLL. I requested the Qantas to EGLL out of B2. Is there a way you could fix that thanks.

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I just fixed that

And I just put your name down

Take your time but if u could fix mine too that would be great.

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I just did

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There we go just fixed it