[FINISHED!] Christmas Formation over Latvia! @ EVRA - 221800ZDEC18

Server: Training

Airport: EVRA

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in 10 minutes prior to departure, please taxi off the runway at EVLA (I’ll call it Liepaja) due to the lack of gates in IF to watch others land (I will land first so you can see what I mean). Please use an Air Baltic Q400, and copy my flight plan. Please use the callsign Air Baltic 19.

Other info: We’re using training for ATC, not because we’re trying to be expert Server-type realistic. We will fly in a V formation, and our cruise will be at 15000 feet and at 230kts airspeed. Attendees will be invited to a PM for the event :)

EVRA Tower: @Benjwri
EVRA Ground: @Benjwri
EVRA Approach (not really needed, but if you want!):

EVLA Tower: @BlueAcidball
EVLA Ground (We’ll ask for parking, but that really means just taxi off the runway): @BlueAcidball

EVRA Gates:

303: @Rishon_R
305: @Aviation-21
307: @xXDuhItzMacXx
309: @Latvia (Me)


(I know this is close to Christmas (Christmas presents are given out on the 24th in Latvia), but why not!?) (Didn’t mean to sound aggressive 😂)


The community is really active right now! This thread is now 3rd in the top topics 😂

May i just point out that a 5000ft cruise does not sound very realistic. Thanks.

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I mean, it only a 15 minute flight

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Ok. Thats a first.

Correction, 18000, but it’s mainly for screenshots

And that…

More than happy to be EVRA ground and tower :)

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No point in having ATC without any people😂

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I changed the cruising altitude to 15000 feet now, I JUST WANT PEOPLE😂 My previous formation event got 7-9 attendees, what’s happened?

Bumping this…

This is probably against some guidelines the amount of times I’m doing this…

You can sign me up for any gate

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Thanks! That took way too long to get an attendee! (Not including ATC)😄

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We need one more for a formation :)!

I just found our that I’m in a different event already. I’m sorry can’t attend. 😭

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Anymore people?😂

I might be able to, put me on standby, any gate. Probably will come. :)

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Thanks for at least being a standby😄

I probably will come, no problem!

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So I can remove the question mark?