[FINISHED] Caribbean Fly in Princess Juliana, Saint Maarten @TNCM - 192000ZAPR20

Official Event an IFBR ®️

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Welcome to Caribbean Fly in Saint Maarten


After the success of events in various regions of the world, we continue to explore the realism of simulation at one of the most famous airports, for aviation lovers as well as for the curious. We invite the community to simulate incoming traffic at the Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Maarten. The airport is famous for low passages in the short end and takeoffs that make all swimmers and spotters goose-down at Maho Beach, which is located next to the main headland of Princess Juliana (TNCM). The goal is to get as close to reality as possible, so pay attention to the specific recommendations and restrictions below and others that will be sent to all participants.


Aviation lovers know that the Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM) has some characteristics and restrictions that need to be considered for realism to be respected during the arrival of flights in Saint Maarten, after all the airfield operates only one side of the runway for landings and takeoffs. It should be noted that there are no taxiways to free at the end of the runway, so it will be necessary for everyone to do the Backtaxi after landing. As a result, the communication and traffic control procedures carried out at UNICOM or under the assistance of IFATC must be respected and, in reality, it is absolutely necessary that pilots use the STAR and IAC charts corresponding to their route to obtain assistance during the approach, see below:

All arrivals will be operated on runway 10.

The TNCM aerodrome requires the Backtaxi after landing.

Further recommendations will be sent through the PM Briefing Letter for each participating pilot.

TNCM Charts

Arrivals Saint Maarten

America Flights
Departure Airport Callsign Airline/Aircraft Flight Time Departure Time(UTC) Pilot
New York (KJFK) DL461 Delta Airlines (A321) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @Rafael_Queiroz
Philadelphia (KPHL) AA2312 American Airlines (A321) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @RenanLelles
Atlanta (KATL) DL908 Delta Airlines (B739) [03:20] 16:40z (19/04/2020) @InfiniteFlight48
Miami (KMIA) AA2219 American Airlines (B738) [02:35] 17:25z (19/04/2020) @IFBR_Matheus
Charlotte (KCLT) AA2478 American Airlines (A320) [03:20] 16:40z (19/04/2020) @Benjamin573
Port of Spain (TTPP) BW456 Caribbean Airlines (B738) [01:30] 18:300z (19/04/2020) @Lucas_Botelho
Atlanta (KATL) DL913 Delta Airlines (B757) [03:20] 16:40z (19/04/2020) @Everything_Matthew
New York (KJFK) AA1596 American Airlines (B757) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @Red5
Kingston (MKJP) BW457 Caribbean Airlines (B738) [01:55] 18:05z (19/04/2020) @nandopimentell
Panama City (MPTO) CM134 Copa Airlines (B738) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @campeloneto
Toronto (CYYZ) WS2652 WestJet (B738) [04:10] 15:50z (19/04/2020) @MrAirplaneGeek
New York (KJFK) B6787 JetBlue (A320) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @Zhanglx
New York Newark (KEWR) UA1437 United Airlines (B737) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @Udeme_Ekpo
New York (KJFK) B61487 JetBlue (A321) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @CheetahGaming_YT
New York Newark (KEWR) UA1629 United Airlines (B738) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @Espedito_Junior
New York Newark (KEWR) UA1611 United Airlines (A320) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @JarrettFlies
Washington (KIAD) UA346 United Airlines (B757) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020) @WheelerAviation
Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) B62761 JetBlue (A320) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @RileyBozina
Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) NK100 Spirit Airlines (A320) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @Pingu
Miami (KMIA) AA1136 American Airlines (B763) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @AVIACAO_MOZ
Chicago (KORD) UA2427 United Airlines (B739) [04:20] 17:40z (19/04/2020) @philippine217
Sao Paulo (SBGR) via Manaus (SBEG) GLO2010 Gol Linhas Aéreas (B738) [07:00] 13:00z (19/04/2020)
Charlotte (KCLT) US100 US Airways (A320) [03:20] 16:40z (19/04/2020) @AlphaWings
Philadelphia (KPHL) US102 US Airways (B757) [03:35] 16:25z (19/04/2020)
New York La Guardia (KLGA) US103 US Airways (A320) [03:40] 16:20z (19/04/2020) @Thiago_Silva
Houston (KIAH) UA567 United Airlines (B763) [04:10] 15:50z (19/04/2020) @Aviation_Time
Fortaleza (SBFZ) GLO7654 Gol Linhas Aéreas (B738) [05:00] 15:00z (19/04/2020) @Vitorfernanandes
Brasília (SBBR) GLO7602 Gol Linhas Aéreas (B738) [05:15] 14:45z (19/04/2020) @Mauricio_B
Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) G4783 Allegiant Air (A320) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @C_hawk
Tampa (KTPA) B6275 JetBlue (A320) [02:50] 17:10z (19/04/2020) @_Pagan275
Miami (KMIA) AA757 American Airlines (B757) [02:35] 17:25z (19/04/2020) @adri2007
Kingston (MKJP) BW457 Caribbean Airlines (B738) [01:55] 18:05z (19/04/2020) @Harish_P_Selkey
Panama City (MPTO) CM134 Copa Airlines (B738) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @Victor_Winter
Panama City (MPTO) CM1549 Copa Airlines (B738) [02:30] 17:30z (19/04/2020) @Matheus_Fonseca
Europe Flights
Departure Airport Callsign Airline/Aircraft Flight Time Departure Time(UTC) Pilot
Amsterdam (EHAM) KL789 KLM (B744) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @Renan
Paris Orly (LFPO) TX520 Air Caraibes (A359) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @Luiz_Claudio
Paris (LFPG) AF498 Air France (B772) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @Gabriel_Gava
Frankfurt (EDDF) LH999 Lufthansa (A333) [10:00] 10:00z (19/04/2020) @Thunderhead
London Gatwick (EGKK) BA899 British Airways (B763) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @TheOneUnknownPilot
Manchester (EGCC) TCX826 Thomas Cook (B763) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @maeyo
Lyon (LFLL) AF846 Air France Corsair (B744) [09:20] 10:40z (19/04/2020) @Claudio_Torres
Amsterdam (EHAM) KL789 KLM (B744) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @Adam_Norman
Frankfurt (EDDF) LH999 Lufthansa (A333) [10:00] 10:00z (19/04/2020) @Cam_Williams
Manchester (EGCC) TUI826 Tui Fly (B788) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @Dreadjack888
Amsterdam (EHAM) KL789 KLM (B744) [09:00] 11:00z (19/04/2020) @JoeHaddad

Server: Expert.

Please follow the rules of the Expert Server and act professionally at all times.
Follow ATC instructions if be present; however, if no ATC is active, unicom should be used appropriately.
You is responsible for any violations and reports that may be received during your flight.

New slots and routes that are not actually operated can be added.

Stay tuned for final recommendations that will be released before the event. Have fun with us!!!

When requesting a route, please do so like this: Airport departure, callsign and airline/aircraft. (remember to choose the route to depart on a flight time to arrival to TNCM around 20:00Z 19/04/2020)


Looks like a great event! Can I take the Spirit flight from Fort Lauderdale?


I’ll have this one thanks, mate ;)

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OOoo dang it’s a contest


I want the BW457 flight from MKJP, Kingston. Thx!!

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Hello, I would like to book the flight:

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New York (KJFK) DL461 Delta Airlines (A321)


Could I have this one please? and is it 10PM or 10AM?

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Please Port of Spain TTPP Caribbean Airlines B738. Thanks 😃👍🏼

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Good Afternoon!!! EHAM please!


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KMIA to TNCM B763 AA1136 17:30z

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AF498 from Paris Charles De Gaulle,please @Neto_Campelo

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Please AA2312 tô KPHL

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I want this flight please

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2nd attempt lol

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Of course you can, the flight is yours. Welcome!

Hey, someone chose this route before you. I relocated on the JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale. Something against?

Ok, you left Jamaica and you are welcome!

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The Zulu time is UTC time. Therefore 10:00Z. You are added.

Can I please have Delta Airlines to Atlanta (KATL) , DL908 , 737-900. Thank you!

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