Hong Kong Airport Cargo FLYOUT!

Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) opened up services in 1988. This is the second event I've done. Originating from Kai Tak airport *Known for its difficult approaches*, Hong Kong International is the replacement for Kai Tak (VHXX). Hong Kong Int is one of the leading airports in the world! VHHH has won "World Airport of the Year" from Skytrax for 7 times in 10 years! Hong Kong Airport is the third busiest airport in the world in terms of passengers and is the second busiest airport in the world! Hong Kong is also well known for its cargo, as it's the second busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic! So come on Infinite Flight Community, let us fill up some gates!

Server: Expert

Airport: VHHH


NOTAM: Please act professionally in the air & on the ground at all times as this is Expert server. No trolling follow ATC instructions (If ATC is present).
Please be responsible on the ground, watch out for other aircraft, no pushing in line, taxing on grass etc.
Don’t spam the ATC Unicom frequency
You’re responsible for yourself if you get violations or ghosted don’t complain.
To increase professionalism, I would recommend filing a proper flight plan using fpltoif.com or Sim brief .
Please be cautious on the ground and in the air.
This is a cargo event, only cargo aircraft and routes apply

If you’re flying a cargo 737 or another cargo aircraft without designated cargo liveries please use the generic livery
Have fun and we’ll see you soon!

Airport Details/Gates

10%20am 25%20am

Please note this is a cargo event, more gates will be added if necessary

Cargo Gates
Gate Aircraft/Livery/Destination Pilot
C24 B777F Korean Air RKSI @Will_Ford_Jr
C25 A33F Etihad OMDW @nincombop
C26 B767F Qantas YSSY @Luke_L

List of Routes and Airlines: Airlines | Destinations

Proudly Partnered with Korean Air VA!



Sign me up please KAV2448 B777F to RKSI. Any gate is fine with me.

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Thanks for joining in our event! :)

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