(Finished/ cancelled, free to close) 20NOV21/1800Z British Airways Virtual Flyout - @EGLL - KBOS - Captain No Gear Live

Hi ya all!

In celebration of BAVA’s 5th Anniversary, I will be live-streaming Saturday and Sunday on my YT channel!: Captain No Gear - YouTube

Streaming/event schedule:

Event 1: 20NOV21/1800Z British Airways Virtual Flyout - @EGLL - KBOS

Event 2: 21NOV21/1600z Southwest England Dash!

Event 3: 21NOV21/1900z London City Landing Competition - @EGLC

The first stream will take place today at 18:00z (1:00est) all link to all 3 livestreams will eventually be posted in thread. I look forward to seeing you all there!

BAVA’s 5th Anniversary thread can be found here: 20/21NOV21 - British Airways Virtual Airline 5 Year Anniversary Event
You can also find their official website here:https://www.bavaif.com/

Hopefully this post is following all the rules and regulations of the screenshots and videos topic. I’m kind of going off memory, for it’s been a little while since I last streamed. Any feedback on any issues that should be changed with my post are welcome and appreciate.


First Livestream Link: Captain No Gear Live! Infinite Flight - Celebrating 5 Years of British Airways Virtual! EGLL - KBOS - YouTube

Hopefully it will work… youtube has been wanting to be contrary all morning….

Stream will begin around 1:00pm EST. Hope to see you all there!

We are live! Hopefully… 👀 Captain No Gear Live! 5th Anniversary Livestream! EGLL - KBOS - YouTube

@CaptainNoGear, posted the event in the #screenshots-and-videos category is supposed to post it in the #live:events category. He might wanna change that by copying the whole thing and changing it from #screenshots-and-videos category to #live:events category.

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately due to an unexpected change in plans, I will be unable to stream tomorrow’s events. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

Mods are clear to close