[FINISHED] Brisbane Fly-Out @ YBBN - 152115APR19


Oh wondering if it was running on training or expert server, but its training all good, thx for the ATC


G’day @alphabravo6 I was wondering if I can partake in this event.

  • Gate 79 - International Terminal

  • Qantas - Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

  • Brisbane to Auckland (YBBN -> NZAA)

I am only grade 2 and only aloud on the casual and training servers. This would be my first ever event in infinite flight and I am hoping that I get a spot in this wonderful event in the Land Down Under. Hope I can join in with you.🛫✈️🛬.

P.S - What is your favourite airline and aircraft model - Anyone Can Answer.

Mine is Qantas and the Airbus A380, A321 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner all versions.

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Hi there can I please get a Q400 gate please as I’ll be heading to YROM


Sure thing - Gate 79 is yours!

See you there!

Mine would probably be the Q-Link DHC-8 Q400


Sure - I will allocate Gate 3 for your flight to Roma :)

See you there!


Thank you so much @alphabravo6 just confirming that it’s on the training server.

Forgot to say but my call sign will be - Qantas 094

>A Smart Person is Always Learning



Yep affirm - training server


Ok thanks mate for all the help see you there.🛫✈️🛬

>A Smart Person is Always Learning



Can I have gate 78 YBBN-WSSS SQ777-300ER


Hello, I’ll take Jetstar a220 to test any gate thanks


Sure thing - Gate 78 is yours :)


Sure thing - I have allocated gate 25 for your flight. Where will your flight be arriving?


To Sydney thanks and I mean a320.


3 Days until the event

Share around the event so we can start to fill up some more gates!!!

Can’t wait!


why are you saying its 3 days away when it says it starts tomorrow


Because at the time of posting, for my timezone, it was 3 days away.


so its still tomorrow


Yes it is tomorrow


I would like to change my entire flight to:
QantasLink Q400 to YSTW Gate 6
Callsign: QFA517


Just over an hour until the event!