[FINISHED] Bring Palm Springs to Life! @ KPSP - 312000ZMAR18

Server: expert

Region: North america

Airport: KPSP

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Palm Springs airport, the small airport located in California does all sorts of international (North American) based flights. Come join us as we fly out of Palm Springs!

Airlines and where they fly:

As you can see there are many airlines and destinations!


Regional Gates

Gate 12: @SlimeFlyer United CRJ-200 to Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:

International gates

Gate 19: Infinite_Flight_Dude Westjet 737-700 to Vancouver (CYVR)
Gate 20: @Wirrmu Air Canada A319 to Toronto (CYYZ)
Gate 01: @Brent_A Air Canada A319 to Vancouver (CYVR)
Gate 03:

Main gates

Gate 05: @GolferRyan United Boeing 737-900 to Denver (KDEN)
Gate 07: @Kate_Russell Delta 737-900 to Seattle (KSEA)
Gate 09: @AllegiantAir Frontier Airbus A318 to Denver (KDEN)
Gate 11: @nicgorman Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 to Portland (KPDX)
Gate 10: @Maxxus1JetBlue A320 to New York (KJFK)
Gate 08: @Brazil_aviation United Boeing 737-800 to Houston (KIAH)
Gate 06:
Gate 04: @ouzi United Airbus A320 to Chicago (KORD)

(P.S. The gates are in no particular order)
Ground & Tower: @Nashes

To get a spot, request an airline, and a destination and you will be assigned to a proper gate. Thanks everyone!


Please change the name! That’s the name of my events. Thank you ;)

Great event though!


So I guess then it should be an “unrealistic” airport event then. I mean come on, just because someone has a Event title similar to yours, doesn’t mean he should have to change it.


actually his doesn’t have an A in the title so it is different


Btw my event title was too close to someone’s before and they asked me to change it. I changed it so people didn’t confuse my event with their’s. @AllegiantAir @Ryan2

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@Brent_A I changed it. Thank you for your feedback.

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Can I have one of the main gates please? :)

Yes, what airline and destination?

You can see where the airlines fly if you scroll up.

I’ll take United to Denver

Roger, you’ll be in the Boeing 737-900.

I will take gate 11 for Delta-737-900 to KSEA

Ahhh darn!wish I could come to this sounds so fun, love KPSP. unfortunately on the weekends I have to go to the ice rink (I am a figure skater) from 12-4. So darn! Hope you understand! This sounds like such a fun event too.

Hey, can I have United airlines to LAX and if the update comes out by then, I will use the United CRJ and if not, i will use the A320.thanks

Enjoy your gate!
See you soon!

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@Infinite_Flight_Dude If I may, gate 15 please. I’ll be flying in from Toronto. Air Canada 1827.

No problem. It looks like it’s working now and I hope you have a big turnout.

I will get to you soon about a gate

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Alright, you’ll be in the A319.

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Hold on I’ll have to give you an international gate. Sorry.

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I’d like to join you on your flight @Infinite_Flight_Dude

Awesome! What airline and flight do you want to have?