(Finished) Big Fly-in and Fly-out at Sofia! @ LBSF - 111700ZAPR20

Hello! First of all, thank you for participating, it is much appreciated! Thank you for your opinion on the event! I am going to sign you up for both the fly-in and fly-out with the callsign change.

Oh ok. So I am going to sign you up for the fly-in with and arrival time of 1630Z. Thank you for participating in the event, it is much appreciated!

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@Pingu I wrote a departure time of 1715Z. If you aren’t happy with that, you can tell me and I can edit it for you :)

Can you add me to discord?

We don’t have a discord server for the event, but I created a chat in IFC. I will add you in a minute.

Event time has changed! The new event start time is 1700Z

Hi can I will be landing at Sofia from Qatar, I will be using the A320. I will be landing at 17:30 Zulu or somewhere very close to that time. Can I reserve gate 3 Thanks!

Just to ask, are you going to be flying Qatar Airlines? Cause if so, there’s only the Qatar A321, no A320s in IF.

Oh yes sorry I’ll take the A320!

Alright, which airline then?

Qatar airlines

But Qatar only has A321s in IF

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Sorry Qatar A321! Sorry!

It’s fine, no problem. I am gonna sign you up now.

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Ok thanks I can’t wait to fly there!! Thanks for doing this!

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No problem. Thank you for taking part in the event, much appreciated!

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Just for info, there is also the Qatar A319

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You can sign me up as Air France from Paris
Callsign: AFR88KY

Which gate would you like?

You can assign me any gate i dont mind